iPhone Owners 46% Less Likely to Need Replacement Device [Report]


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iPhone owners may be luckier than other smartphone owners: roughly 46% of them are less likely to need a replacement device compared to other smartphone users, according to ProtectCELL, a supplier of mobile protection plans and services company (via the Loop).

While iPhone owners are less likely to break the device, they are more prone to misplacing their phone. Also, they are 11% less likely to report a broken or damaged device, but 65% more likely to request a replacement due to their device being missing.

For the latter issue, there is a great feature they can enable, though: Find My iPhone and Activation Lock could solve their problem, if activated.

“All of our customers, whether iPhone, smartphone or tablet users, rely on us to quickly and seamlessly replace their devices when they encounter unfortunate luck,” said Scott McLaren, ProtectCELL’s chief marketing officer. “Our customers can take solace in the fact that in a world of frequently broken and misplaced mobile devices, ProtectCELL has their backs.”


  • wstoneman

    There’s a difference between need and want. Sure they don’t need to upgrade, but they will.

  • Acer12345

    Furthermore, not many people “needed” to upgrade from a flip phone to a smartphone…but they did anyway haha.

  • chickeee

    iPhone users also have the maximum contract term, so they upgrade less frequently

  • Jacobs Ladder

    The caption lured me, but the post by writer Istvan was simply meaningless and pointless. I guess he was told to write some jibber jabber as opposed to nothing. At least he didn’t write something to promote Roam Mobility for which iPhone in Canada gets free service as part of the “bloggers” agreement with Roam Mobility.