[Update] iPhone Nano Mockups Gallery: Will These Come to Life?


Update 1: Check out the following from fellow Canuck, Tyler Hojberg via Cult of Mac:

By now, you’ve read about the reports of a smaller iPhone 4 coming our way, and iTunes moving to the cloud. Don’t forget an iPhone Nano without memory (bad idea). What will the next iPhone Nano look like? Take a look at the following round up of mock ups (some of these look pretty good):

Will Apple make the iPhone Nano screen smaller, or keep it the same size as the iPhone 4? I predict the screen will be the same size, to ease the burden on developers.

Which one do you think looks the best? Send us your mockups! tips [at]

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  • Joel

    I don’t think it will fly but you never know

  • The concept that only allows 9 apps outside the dock is horrible. Looks like some low-resolution KIRF, or worse, an SE Xperia mini.
    The second concept is ok though.

  • Zillypaul

    wow thats EVER DAMN CUTE…. im gunna want one…. ~sigh~

  • Red Star

    Why why why!!!

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Lol horrible just horrible…. All this rumor crap is ridiculous.