128GB iPhone 6 Plus Issues Reportedly Linked to Faulty Controller


IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple may face a potential iPhone recall due to technical defects iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners have reported. According to a growing thread in Apple Support Communities (via MacRumors) the freshly released devices frequently inexplicably crash or enter a reboot loop.

The exact cause of the problem is yet unknown, but an industry specialist speaking to Business Korea (via GforGames) suggests that this could be related to the controller IC or TLC (triple-level cell) NAND flash used in the latest iPhones.

Some in the industry point out that considering that technical defects mainly occur in the 128GB version of the iPhone 6 Plus, there might be a problem in the controller IC of triple-level cell (TLC) NAND flash.

TLC flash is a type of solid-state NAND flash memory that stores three bits of data per flash media cell. It can store two to three times as much data as a single-level cell (SLC) that stores one bit of data and a multi-level cell (MLC) solid-state flash memory that stores two bits of data. Moreover, TLC flash is more affordable. However, TLC is slower than SLC or MLC in reading and writing data.

To reduce cost, Apple reportedly used TLC NAND flash in the 128GB version of the iPhone 6+ and some other models. Previously, TLC NAND was used in some iPads, whereas more expensive but more stable MLC NAND was used in most of the iPhone series.

Although the report claims the recall would be huge, there are too many unknowns for this to take place, starting with the fact that root cause of the problem is yet to be found.

Apple is on track to make the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus available in 115 countries by the end of the year. While there have been reports of unexpected crashes, many of them were caused by backups, so setting up the devices as new resolved the issue.

This time, however, it seems to affect only the high-end version of the “high-end iPhone”, the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus. Have you had issues with your device?


  • Salinger

    I haven’t experienced any rebooting loops with my 128 GB iPhone 6 but I have a weird issue where I end up not being able to download or update apps on a regular basis. Prior to the 8.1 update it was happening daily, since the update it’s still happening at least a couple of times a week.

    Essentially, everything would be fine, but at some point in the day, I would see my app update history empty and if I attempted to purchase a new app, I would just see the spinning circle forever. It wouldn’t ask for my password or fingerprint.

    Restarting the phone wouldn’t help, the only thing that worked was “reset all settings” which is a real pain because it means having to redo touch ID, lock code, permissions, wallpapers, ringtones etc.

    I’m going to bring it in to the Apple store next time it happens and see if they can figure out what’s going on.

  • Nate

    I haven’t had any issues with robooting or crashes with my 128GB iPhone 6+. The only bug I have is screen rotation, doesn’t seem to rotate as smoothly as it should.

  • Zing

    My iPhone 6 64gb gold has reboot a couple of times when I was in a phone call…look at my phone to see the apple logo. I have a day1 phone.

  • Toronto Lane

    Same with me!

  • Gerry

    Just experiencing dropped wifi connections constantly on my iPhone 6

  • BrodieTheDog

    I wish I was having this issue. At least I would have an iPhone 6+. I can’t find one anywhere.

  • Oliver Hoffmann

    I had this reboot loop happen once on my 6+ 64GB. After a while I was able to boot normally again and it has never happened since.

  • Sad Panda

    My 6+ 128gb has constant rotation issues and app crashes. I usually can’t pull up camera from lock screen and need to login. Notification centre was broken prior to a reboot this week as well. Buggy as all get out.

  • Al

    The above article references iPhone 6 and 6 Plus once, and in the title plus the end, it seems to indicate that it happens with just the 6 Plus. So, I’m a little confused.

    I have a regular 6 (128GB), and it has done a reboot loop at least 3 times now while using apps (including the built-in calculator app).

  • Supacon

    My launch day iPhone 6 Plus 128GB has been pretty stable. It has resprung a few times here and there but it is much more stable than my 5s was prior to 7.1.

  • Jean

    Same here

  • cdnchinaman

    No issues here. Maybe I’m one of the lucky ones? Hope those with issues get fixes from Apple soon!

  • Capt.Shathish

    My iPhone 6 126gb died a day after buying and turning it on. Nothing works and the screen stays off. When plugged to charger, the apple logo comes on for 3 secs and goes off for 3 secs. This cycle repeats continuously. It cannot go into recovery mode and DFU mode is also not accessible.

    BOOT-LOOP is real, not a myth.

  • Blue 6

    Having issues with excessive data usage for my iPhone 6 plus? Anyone having this issue?

  • JokeznSmoke

    On my 3rd iPhone6 128gb Apple fully knows this is indeed a MAJOR ISSUE!!! “OTHER” usage has had every tech that has ever looked at my phone scratching their heads!!! This excessive usage usually 40-70gb preventing syncing, I’ve had to totally erase content and start over with every phone yet it still occurs anytime i download an app or music and try to sync, THEY HAVE NO CLUE and having been an iPhone owner from the very beginning the last thing APPLE wants to do is simply give you another phone! They have gladly handed over phone after phone which further leads me to believe they know but can’t figure it out!!!


    Mine randomly crashes and reboots