iPhone Replacement Battery Wait Times Continue to Worsen


According to a new analyst note published today by Barclays regarding iPhone battery availability for replacements, the current wait times have gone up to 3-4.5 weeks on average at Apple Stores, with longest wait found to be as much as 9-10 weeks, 9to5Mac is reporting.

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Previously, the average wait time was reported to be 2-4.5 weeks, with a forecast for steady improvements by Mark Moskowitz and company. But now, the availability is continually getting worse which according to the analysts, could lead to fewer iPhone sales for the year, including decreased sales of new 2018 iPhone models

Barclays’ analyst note highlights that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus battery replacement demand is driving the wait times higher. 

While the firm notes a bit of surprise on the increased wait times, Barclays says that overall, the customer response to the replacement program is on track with its previous estimates. In January, Moskowitz forecasted that about 50M iPhone users would take advantage of the program out of a total 500M eligible devices.

Earlier this month, Apple launched ‘Reserve a Battery’ option via or through the Apple Support iOS app in Canada, allowing users to replace their battery via Apple’s discounted out-of-warranty $35 CAD replacement offer.


  • Henry Gan

    Wait time here in Richmond Centre is late March to early April. I have ordered a battery since January 7. (iPhone 6 Plus)

  • Larry

    I requested a battery through the Apple website for my iPhone 6 on February 8th. I had a reply saying it would be 2-4 weeks until they received a battery for me. On February 11, I received an email saying my battery was now in the Pacific Centre store and to come in by February 16 or they would give it to another customer unless I requested a later date. I went in on the 14th and they replaced the battery in less than an hour. TBH, I don’t notice any difference in speed. Could be the existing battery was still in good condition. I bought the phone in Nov. ’14. In May ’16 the phone was replaced under Apple Care because of the phone suddenly shutting off when the battery charge level was anywhere between 12% to 45%.

  • speedracer99

    I also had my Battery replaced in an iPhone 6 plus. Battery lasts longer, but I see ZERO benefits performance wise. Battery swap is just a decoy by Apple to try and fool people!!!

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    This is actually true. The news sites swallow Apple’s lies without a thought. The design flaw is in their phones, not their batteries. They should be replacing the phones. The exact same thing will happen again to the phones Apple “fixes”.

  • Richard Pabis


  • Richard Pabis

    I got my iPhone 6 5 months ago and it is the worst phone I ever own…battery last as today only 2 hrs..and the phone is slow like an any apple computer I ever own..never in the future I will buy anything with that logo.