iPhone SE, 9.7″ iPad Pro Sales Launch in Canada


Today marks the launch of 4-inch iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro sales in Canada, the U.S. and more (Australia, China (Wi-Fi models only for iPad Pro), France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the UK, US Virgin Islands).

With today’s launch, Canada’s ‘Big 3’ carriers Rogers, TELUS and Bell (and Fido, Koodo Mobile, Virgin) have made the iPhone SE official on their website, with prices starting at $99 for the 16GB model and $229 for the 64GB, on two-year terms with minimum $80 plans.

Other Canadian carrier contract pricing for iPhone SE is as follows:

  • Eastlink offers iPhone SE for $0 on two-year terms for 16GB/64GB
  • MTS at $99/$229 for 16GB/64GB
  • Videotron at $0/$99.95 for 16GB/64GB
  • SaskTel at $78.99/$208.99 for 16GB/64GB.

Unlocked prices from Apple are $579/$709 for 16GB/64GB models respectively.

As for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, prices start at $799 CAD for the 32GB Wi-Fi model, set to arrive today if you preordered last week, while they are also now available in Apple Stores and authorized retailers such as Best Buy, and more.

We’ll have a quick first-impressions post of both new devices coming soon, stay tuned. What are you expecting to arrive today, or what did you buy at an Apple Store?


  • Ed Cicci

    I picked up an iPad Pro 9.7 and traded in my old iPad Air. While I was there getting it set up, the iPhone SEs were flying out of the store.

  • Nick

    Preordering is overrated. They have them in the local best buy, but my smart keyboard says on the truck for delivery, and my iPad says delivered by today and it’s in my city, but not out for delivery yet. Had I known it would be so available I could have just not preordered and gone to Best Buy this morning.

  • mxmgodin

    Reserved an 9.7″ iPad Pro + Pencil for pick-up later today at my local Apple Store. Doesn’t seem to be any shortage. Most models seemed to be readily available for pick-up today.

  • I’m considering ordering the SE (upgrading from the 5). I’ve been with Rogers for 12 years (not currently on contract).. but it seems eastlink has the best deal around here, and Rogers doesn’t seem to want to compete

  • Have you already called into the retentions line? Eastlink is definitely has the better deal vs the Big 3.

  • Preordering is great if you don’t have an Apple Store in your area, or if you live far away from one or an authorized reseller, and want one on launch day guaranteed.

    UPS just dropped off iPhone SE and iPad Pro 30 minutes ago!

  • Yea. The best they would do for me is a 1 time $50 credit towards the $99 for the phone. To which I replied “so eastlink, who I’ve never been a customer with is going to give me the phone for free, and their plan is cheaper, but Rogers, who I’ve been with for 12 years, never late on a bill, always renewed my contracts, the best they can do is $50 off the phone?” And I just got a “I can’t comment on another companies promotions”.. So I’ll be switching to eastlink in the morning. Sad to leave Rogers after 12 years of mostly good service, but if they can’t compete with a small company link eastlink, that’s pretty sad