Alleged Packaging Leak Confirms “iPhone SE” Naming, NFC and 16 GB Storage


With just a few more days to go until the highly anticipated Apple media event, the rumour mill has started spilling more information about the upcoming 4-inch iPhone. Today a new photo appeared on Chinese microblogging service Weibo (via iPhone-Ticker) apparently confirming that Apple will drop the “5” from the device’s name, and that storage options will start from 16 GB.

IPhone SE packaging

While the authenticity of the image cannot be confirmed, the packaging reveals that Apple will likely name the next-gen, 4-inch iPhone “SE” (super exciting). As you can see from the above image, the description also lists a Lightning-to-USB cable and EarPods, which means the device will have a 3.5 mm headphone jack when it launches.

The same source says there will be a 64 GB version of the handset, and that it will be available in four different colours, most likely silver, space grey, gold, and rose gold. Interestingly, the most recent rumours suggest the iPhone SE will retain design elements from the iPhone 6, not the iPhone 5s.

You may recall that earlier this week an alleged hands-on video surfaced on YouTube showing the iPhone SE. That device had pill-shaped volume buttons, while the case Unbox Therapy received today had round buttons, so there are conflicting reports here. However, we’ll soon find out what Apple has been boiling up lately in its labs. Stay tuned!


  • Crosseyedmofo

    can they STOP with the frigging 16 gigs already? the only thing that does is make me family IT guy over the phone as to why they cant install anything and/or have too many pictures and/or songs


  • Aleks Oniszczak

    16GB on a modern iPhone is like buying a big-screen TV that can only show 2 channels. Why limit it? It’s even worse actually – at least on a 2 channel TV you can add extra channels with a cable box, but you can’t add extra storage on an iPhone – no microSD slot. I can’t see how anyone can make the argument that Apple puts the customer first when they do this.

  • Anthony

    You are aware they sell 64 and 128gb?

  • Travis Pinky Mcdowell

    apples primary market is in the us. the us has unlimited data. that makes the 16 gb option well worth it because you don’t have to store songs or even photos on the phone thanks to apples streaming and photo stream.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    of course, but the free phones our telcos offer as upgrades are usually the 16 gig models

    then i get the call

  • I agree that 16 GB is annoying and frustrating, but this is purely an upsell/marketing ploy by Apple.
    Buyer: 16 GB isn’t enough for me
    Apple Store: We also have a 64 GB model and it is only $__ more!
    Buyer: Well I guess I have to buy the 64 GB because 16 GB is useless to me
    Apple Store: (pockets the extra $__)