Hilarious Parody Pokes Fun at the iPhone SE [VIDEO]


Everybody has their own opinion about the iPhone SE, Apple’s newest 4-inch smartphone which packs the power of an iPhone 6s inside an iPhone 5s body (including 2GB of RAM).

Apple explained yesterday their 4-inch iPhones remain as popular as ever, with over 30 million sold in 2015 alone. It took Apple 2.5 years to sell that number of iPhones when they first started, from their entire line up (one could argue the lack of carrier partnerships could also have been a factor).

Two reasons were provided as to why the 4-inch iPhone remains so important, with one being customers still love smaller iPhones (they can fit into skinny jeans, right!); secondly, 4-inch iPhones are usually the first Apple smartphones for just over 33 percent of worldwide customers, while in China this number is well over 55 percent, according to the company’s keynote.

So with so many different reasons why the 4-inch iPhone remains popular, let’s take a look at a hilarious parody video made by YouTube channel jacksfilms. The one-minute parody is currently trending on YouTube and in a day has surpassed over half a million views.

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Check it the iPhone SE (or ‘say’) parody below and tell us what you think:


  • chikaraginger

    They forgot the REAL reason the SE exists. Margins. Apple wants to keep the iPhone margins as high as possible for as long as possible. Let’s be honest… Apple’s revenue comes MOSTLY from iPhone sales. If selling 4″ phones at 40% profit margins will increase the bottom line… well then.

    Remember when each year Apple would reduce the cost of devices each year?

  • lol! That was actually pretty funny.
    I’m constantly having to explain and show how my half spec iPhone 6s Plus can beat the top end Android phones of today. It blows people’s minds, the ones who’re able to set their Android pride to the side for a moment and actually look though.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I think they should bring back the iPhone 4 next.

  • ShaBi

    You’re not entirely correct. It’s not the main reason.

    It’s the final step to entice people to get an iPhone with Lightening plug, Touch ID, Apple Pay, and a 64 bit processor. And the sooner that happens, the better, because only then can Apple fully transition the market into the next phrase of integrated services, as well as accessories.

    The SE is starting at $399US or $0 with contract. That’s a very attractive price for a ‘new’ iPhone with A9 chip, Touch ID, Apple Pay, 2GB RAM, faster LTE, and 12MP camera that shoots 4K with a better flash. Something tells me margins are not as high as we think with these packed inside.