‘iPhone SJ’ Concept Designed Based on Next Generation Rumours

Technology moves extremely quickly. The iPhone 4S has only been around for a few months and we’re already a little bored of chatting with Siri.

That might be because of the fact that Apple didn’t redesign their flagship product’s look, but only its guts. Don’t get us wrong; there are a lot of positive things about not changing the design. You didn’t have to buy a whole new case or protective system and your accessories are still compatible.

Nevertheless, the Internet certainly made itself clear that it was expecting a redesigned phone back in October. An iPhone 5, not an iPhone 4S. But how about an iPhone SJ?

Italian designer Antonia De Rosa of ADR Studios has thrown his concept into the ring and the results are pleasing, indeed.

Called the “SJ” for it’s inspiration coming from the late Steve Jobs, De Rosa’s design incorporates the much talked about “edge-to-edge” screen which has seen speculation for some time now as well as a slimmer profile. On top of that the concept suggests a fully glass front panel all built on a lightweight polycarbonate body.

De Rosa’s design indicates that the device would also house the quad-core A6 chip and a 10 megapixel camera. Such specifications may not be far off in the next iPhone release, presumably called the iPhone 5.

Perhaps the iPhone SJ could be found in Jony Ive’s studio today, right next to the mythical 50 inch iTV?

What are your thoughts on this concept?

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  • Anonymous

    That looks like such a slick looking phone. I think my iPhone 4 looks awesome, but after looking at that concept my iPhone 4 looks terrible in comparison!

  • steve81

    Nope. Screen is not centered, Apple wouldn’t do that.

  • steve81

    And the Apple logo in the front next to the front camera? Not a chance.

  • steve81

    iPhone SJ, with “Steve Jobs” in italic in the back, Apple would never do that either.

  • Anonymous

    I like it. If it’s LTE-capable, I’d upgrade!

  • I still don’t understand why people expected the 5, I mean the 3g became the S and a new design would be costly at this point. This concept is nice looking, and it would be cool if it was polycarbonate. 

  • Anonymous

    How come everyone seems to think it’ll be the iPhone 5?  5 is already here, and it’s called 4s.  The next one will either be iPhone 6, or something else entirely.

  • Matt_5004

    Are you retarted?

  • Anonymous

    Not nearly as much as you seem to be.  Now, take that comment to your mommy and see if she’ll teach you how to spell.  Maybe this year will be the year you finally pass Grade 3.

  • Easy there.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re pointing out that the iPhone 4S is technically the 5th iPhone, I totally agree. They were on track with the 4 and now they’ve ruined it again. Sadly, I doubt they’ll call the next one the iPhone 6. That’ll create even more confusion.

  • Anonymous

    Apple’s actions are eminently predictable, regardless of what bloggers and analysts think.  They released the iPhone 3G, then followed it with an upgraded version that shared the same form factor called the 3Gs.  Then they went to a new form factor with the 4, and followed it with (wait for it…) an upgraded version that shared the same form factor called the 4s.  In the fall, they’ll release a new one, the iPhone Whatever, and a year later, there will be the iPhone Whatever-s, that will be an upgraded version of the iPhone Whatever that shares the same form factor.  Speculating that they will do differently may drive page hits, but their history doesn’t suggest that they will.

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused… this post “speculates” exactly what you’ve suggested here.

  • Anonymous

    “Nevertheless, the Internet certainly made itself clear that it was expecting a redesigned phone back in October. An iPhone 5, not an iPhone 4S.”

    Thanks what I was referring to.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, fair enough. I suppose I’m hoping that readers will read between the lines a little bit as the suggestion there was simply that the majority of people were looking for a redesign back in October. I agree that Apple will likely continue the trend of two phones per form factor.

    I appreciate your input!

  • Kraken

    They really need to get rid of that huge-ass home button, and re-located it to the side.  It takes up the much needed screen real estate.

  • steve81

    It would be harder to hold your iPhone when playing a game in landscape mode if the screen was taking almost all the front space. In the design above, the screen is not horizontally centered when holding the iPhone in landscape mode. Apple won’t do that.

    Also, I wouldn’t even bet on Apple changing the Home button for a touch button with no moving part. It would be too easy to accidentally hit that button all the times, especially when playing a game in landscape mode. The actual Home button as its advantages, it gives you tactile feedback when you press it, making it easier to double-tap it, hold it or not accidentally hit it. Also, it has it’s advantages for accessibility.

  • Tz616379

    It is centred.. Are you visually impaired, maybe?

  • steve81

    No it’s not centered. Think landscape mode.

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