iPhone Usage Among U.S. Teens Hits 55%, iPad Demand Steady


Gene Munster, senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray has released his latest research report to conclude the Apple brand is still the most popular amongst teens in the U.S., due to iPhone and iPad popularity.

As of Fall 2013, the iPhone represented nearly 55% all phones used by teens and the iPad family remained at close to 70% share of tablet ownership. We believe that while Samsung seemingly had some momentum with teens over the past year, Apple’s brand and product quality has enabled it to remain the top choice for teen consumer electronics.

When it comes to the iPhone, their most recent survey of 8,643 teens resulted in 55% of teens currently own the device, an increase of 7% from Spring 2013 and 15% in Fall 2013. The survey also revealed 65% of teens expect their next smartphone to be an iPhone, up from 62% in Spring 2013.

piper jaffray gene munster

Munster believes his survey reveals the iPhone should continue to increase its share amongst teen users, despite Android purchase expectations which have remained stabled at the mid-20% range, while non iOS/Android devices continue to lose marketshare.

As for the iPad, demand for the device amongst teens also remains steady, as 56% admit they own tablets compared to 51% in Spring 2013. Out of these teens with tablets, 68% owned an iPad (60% iPad; 8% iPad mini), the same percentage from Spring 2013. Of those teens ready to buy a tablet in the next six months, 64% declared it would be an iPad.

Munster notes a future design change by Apple could also increase demand, with the full sized iPad remains “highly desired”. Just this afternoon AllThingsD reported Apple is set to unveil its next iPads at an October 22 event.

Out of the teenagers in your family–how many are using iPhones and iPads?

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  • shinratdr

    Far more surprised by the iPad mini numbers than anything else.

    The sales numbers and my own personal preference don’t really work with those stats. I had an iPad and got rid of it for the iPad mini. I think when posed in a survey like this it has the placement and perception of a budget model, which it is in some ways but in practice it’s a serious refinement of the iPad and a great product in its own right.

    I feel like in a survey like this you’re not going to get a very accurate response by breaking up the iPad and iPad mini into separate categories. Similar to how they just grouped all Android tablets together. Any sort of general public survey like this isn’t going to get the most informed responses. For example, I would wager that had they included a “Galaxy” option in the tablets section they would have gotten a noticeable number of positive responses, even though few would actually end up buying an actual Galaxy Note or Tab product and would more then likely end up with a Nexus tablet or similar product.

    Basically this survey demonstrates why product and brand aren’t the same thing and don’t carry the same weight in a consumers mind. iPad is a brand, whereas iPad mini is a product. Android is also most heavily positioned as a product and not a brand, although in technical terms it is a brand, just one with fairly little push behind it. Galaxy is a recognizable brand, something HTC could learn from. They’re trying to push HTC as their brand but with half-hearted marketing efforts that don’t do a good job establishing them as different.