POLL: What iPhone X Configuration Will You Be Pre-Ordering? [Sticky]


Apple will finally launch iPhone X pre-orders this Friday, October 27 at 12:01AM PT/3:01 AM EDT, with the device launch a week later on November 3.

The iPhone X is rumoured to be in short supply due to alleged manufacturing delays. Coupled with heavy demand, the iPhone X will be the “it” item this holiday season—if you can find one.

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What iPhone X colour and capacity will you be pre-ordering on Friday? Take our poll below:

iPhone X costs $1319 CAD for the 64GB model and $1529 CAD for the 256GB version (updated prices), both available in Silver or Space Grey. Let us know what you’ll be ordering the comments below!


  • Alonso S

    Have the lineups started at Apple Stores??

  • haha…not yet but probably soon 😛

  • Dealaama
  • Vincent Cadieux

    Article showing US price not CAD. The prices are 1319$ CAD and 1529$ CAD

  • My bad, updated, had Google Pixel 2 XL numbers in my head from the other post. $1319/$1529 CAD #bettahavemymoney

  • Thanks, fixed!

  • Tyler

    I’m excited to get a silver phone with a black front! Finally! Haven’t had one like that since the white 3GS in 2009.

  • So glad the front is black…white front on an iPhone, never again!

  • Tyler

    Amen to that, brother!

  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle
  • Daniel

    Had space grey or black for the longest time. Time to switch it up. I’m going for silver.

  • Daniel

    I don’t like the contrast when watching videos.

  • duke_seb

    I’m just not seeing the value for money in the X

    I bought the 8+ ….

    I like the size of the device the X may have a bigger screen but a smaller overall profile

    And aside from the redesign including display form factor and face ID the specs are identical to the 8+ for $500 cheaper

    I’ve always been an early adopter …. this time I went for the 8+ ….

    Now if they made an X+ with the 8+ form factor with a full screen I maaaay have opted for it

  • Salvador

    Funny to see in the results (at the time of writing this comment) that 6 persons switched to Android… but still reading a blog dedicated to iPhone 🙂

  • I want to see proof of switching to Android! lol

  • FragilityG4

    How’s much will that cost? ????

  • Pat

    I live 45 minutes to my closest Apple store. What is the best way to get our new iPhone’s on November 3 (if preordered on Friday and lucky).
    Delivery to our house
    Pickup at Apple store.

  • FragilityG4

    I would pick up at the Apple store. For delivery to your house you’re at the mercy of the courier and you’ll spend your whole day in frustration refreshing the couriers page, but they’ll deliver when they see fit…. and it won’t be early enough!

  • SOB

    Apple pretty much is forcing u to get the 256GB version. 64GB is just way too small. Really wished they had offer a 128GB version.

  • Kirk

    Congrats. Still an excellent purchase. ????

  • Kirk

    I’m part of the 80 something at the time of this post that said they are not buying an iPhone X this year. I think I’ve learned from the past that when Apple releases a vastly different product the first time, the model is usually the test dummy. Not to put a damper on things I just feel with my iPhone 7 and that fact I just don’t want to rush into it, I could wait. A bigger screen and wireless charging is not a selling point to me. OLED screen? Great but not life changing. I usually upgrade every two years so next time!

  • duke_seb

    Yea I think so… people are hard on the design but honestly I upgraded from a 6+ and the processing Power and the camera are fantastic … AR is wild too

  • Ned K.
  • makeittalk

    The X is too cheap. I’m not replacing my iP7+ until they want $15,000 for a phone. 🙂

  • If you can get the pick up in-store option, that would be a good bet.

  • Lol

  • Alonso S

    I’m not sure (because I’ve always gone in-store for pre-orders) but I’ve read that you can have the pick up option to the carrier’s warehouse instead of delivery. That would be best option. No line plus early morning pick up. Again not sure if Canada has that option with their delivery service (UPS etc..)

  • Gerry Lee

    My friend has his tent/lawn chair ready. I asked if he was going camping and his reply jokingly “none of your business” ????

  • Salinger

    My experience has been that most carriers won’t allow you to pick up at their office/depot until at least one attempt has been made to the delivery address. Perhaps Apple has a special arrangement otherwise with UPS, but I’ve not heard of it.

  • JD

    “Pics or it didn’t happen”


  • Salinger

    $500 cheaper? Is that with some promo from your carrier? I’m seeing the 8+ about $250 cheaper than the corresponding X models.

    The other difference, which is big for me but I know not everyone, is the X has OIS on both the wide angle and telephoto lens; the 8+ only has OIS on the main camera.

  • Alex

    I have a question and I’m hoping someone on here can answer me :).

    So I am aiming to preorder an iPhone X on Friday at 3am (Montreal) but my question is: if I am pre ordering how does it work when I go to Apple? My contract with my provider is over (Videotron was not very helpful with it…) but I would like to stay with them but in case they don’t offer the renewing of contract with Videotron I’m gonna go with another provider… how does that work! Do I need to call a provider to let them know? Can I choses a contract at Apple Store? Will I pay the full phone or can I pay wtv the contract dictates me?… not sure if my question make sense but I’d LOVE some highlights on this.


  • Alex

    Or … does anyone know if Videotron is allowing contract renewal at Apple?… over the phone they were trying to get me to preorder with them but they’re saying the iPhone X does not ship until December 22bd from them which is retarded… I think you’re all with me « I’m not waiting » haha

  • FragilityG4

    Why not contact your local Apple store and ask them?

  • FragilityG4

    I’ve already picked up a wireless charger and ordered a case via Ali! I’m excited. I won’t get it at launch but before year end is looking very possible!

  • Alex

    I will… but you know how companies does not give you all the details. 😉 wanted to ask if anyone had experienced it. Thanks for the help mate !

  • Salinger

    I have two cases so far. Haven’t gotten a charger yet. I am hoping to get the X on launch day, but since I’m getting it on contract, I can’t do what I usually do and just keep refreshing until I can add one to my cart and check out. I have to hope I can do a reserve and pick up so I can get the reduced contract price. At least that’s what I think I have to do.

    Somehow I think you’re going to have one sooner rather than later. 🙂

  • FragilityG4

    That would be pretty convenient. Hopefully they have that option.

  • FragilityG4

    I want to but I really need to get more Rogers dollars before jumping in. But I’m close!

  • Salinger

    I’m good to go! I threw in a couple of cases with my 7 Plus and got $800 for it. The Rogers upgrade page on MyRogers is showing an “exclusively for you” price of $899 (Premium Tab) for the 256GB model. So, upgrading is essentially only going to cost me about $215 out of pocket and I’m closing in on $400 in points on my Rogers MC that will easily cover that. Fingers crossed….

  • FragilityG4

    Mine came up with a tab plus (or something like that) basically $50 off. Does the tab just add onto my current plan and after two years it expires? Still think I’ll buy it outright. I have a considerable amount of Rogers dollars.

  • Patrick Bouchard

    Where’s the “I’m part of the reason iPhone 7 is outselling iPhone 8 because I bought one as soon as the priced dropped” option?