First iPhone X Drop Tests Hit YouTube [VIDEOS]


With the launch of iPhone X today, YouTubers wasted no time in putting the tenth anniversary iPhone to drop tests.

Iphone x drop test

The first comes from EverythingApple Pro:

The iPhone X survived EverythingApplePro’s drop tests, with no shattering on either the front or back glass. However, Face ID stopped working properly.

Another iPhone X drop test is from well-known Apple product destroyer TechRax, as the channel pit the newest iPhone against Samsung’s Galaxy S8:

In TechRax’s drop tests, the front and back glass cracked on iPhone X, but the phone remained functional.

Both video creators said there was improvement in the strength in iPhone X, which may be attributed to how densely packed internal components are within the phone. Don’t try this at home, folks!


  • sukisszoze

    I put a case on mine as soon as I got it out of the box..going to put the screen protector on when I get home..I’m too clumsy and

  • I had Apple install a screen protector for me with their machine before I left the Apple Store. Got cases at home already too. Heh I agree.

    I’m not clumsy, but I am paranoid, especially when you’re holding $1,500 I’m your hands.

  • sukisszoze

    I didn’t know Apple Store (none in my city) put screen protector on for you. Do you know which brand they use? With a machine too..that’s pretty fancy.

  • Yes, they started offering screen protectors since the iPhone 7, Which I also had them do for me last year.

    If I’m not mistaken, the brand is Belkin, and the machine is like a Big clamp they put your phone into, and the glass screen protector in as while, with the film still on. The machine aligns it perfectly, and they peel the film off while it’s in the clap so there’s like zero chance of dust getting in.

    They charge 39.99 for the protector, and install for free.

  • Jay

    I bought a Leather Black iPhone X case today. Always use the Apple Leather cases. Even with Apple Care I don’t want to break it haha

  • ArtieMack

    They’ve been offering them longer than that actually. I got them to install a plastic one on my 6s. While it’s nice having a guaranteed good install, it’s very pricey when you can get two packs of tempered glass for $10.

  • Oh reals? Good to know 😀

    Yeah, you can totally save money by doing it yourself, but I’m not so great installing them. I’ve gotten better over the years, but I’m super picky about dust under the screen, after having to adjust 2-3 times for alignment it’s ruined. At least with my experience.