Apple’s iPhone X Event Roundup: What You Need to Know [sticky]


Apple announced a trio of iPhones today at its special event, with the new iPhone X (ten) taking the limelight, on top of other announcements for Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K and new iPhone 8 models.

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Here’s a roundup of all the day’s stories, if you missed them.

Before the Event

During and After the Event

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  • Riley Freeman

    i wonder what the carrier pricing will be on the X. I have an unlimited data plan with bell so i would never switch to the garbage that these carriers offer to customers nowadays but i am curious what that would run on a contract.

    i do keep hoping that the iphone x pricing is a misprint lol 1500 plus tax is 1700. That hurts my soul. The good news is i see iphone 7plus 256gb unlocked going for 1100 used on kijiji. The bad news is that that market will be full by the time the X is out.

  • Si2k78

    I’m not going to bother asking how you got unlimited data. About the pricing, we are getting into MacBook territory. A little conflicted.

  • Riley Freeman

    i had this plan since the 3GS was out. I still have daytime mins (only 250) but i never talk on the phone during the day and if i need to, i have my work desk phone or my work cell phone.

    And honestly, a guy was selling the plans on kijiji back then and i got. Paid him 90$. Probably the best 90$ i ever spent because i regularly hit 12-16gb a month. Mostly because i dont care if im on wifi or not. Only use wifi when im at home.

    i offered bell to come off it if they gave me the thunder bay plan which was more money for less of a plan and they turned me down. So the way i see it, thats their problem.

  • Si2k78

    Thanks for the info. That’s the best investment of your life. So bell actually has reached out specifically to get you to switch off the plan? I’ve never heard of such a thing….

  • Riley Freeman

    no i reached out to them to switch this way i could have better long distance options. The thunder bay plan did include long distance to the us and canada (unlimited for both at the time) along with 12gb of data but they said absolutely not and im like you’re crazy. I would upgrade more often and give you more money on a per month basis and you are telling me no. Doesnt really make sense so hey unlimited i go lol

    Its only now hurting me with the price of the iphone x. $1727 is crazy to me but such is iphone life i guess. The sad thing is to not take a huge loss every year i am likely going to have to to keep buying the new X every year.

    They should have either included the wireless pad when it releases next year, gave airpods or let the rumours be true and gone with 512gb instead of 256 for that price.

  • Harold Mitchell

    I agree with the perks for buying, but as we both know,unlike Samsung, etc., Apple doesn’t need to add incentives for their products to be bought.

  • Riley Freeman

    very true. Samsung seems to be giving away the kitchen sink with the note lol

  • Chrome262

    is it me, or the specs for the 8 are close enough for the X that I don’t see the justification for spending the extra almost 400 dollar difference. You could get the 8 and a new series 3 watch

  • sukisszoze

    Fast forward 2 years, iPhone 8 will be called iPhone 10? I wonder how Apple going to name the X..X1, X2?

  • BeaveVillage

    So, anyone know how to get to the easy access control panel in the X? Swipe up for easy access? Nope. That’ll take you to the home screen. No finger print touch ID? Yikes. Not sure what Apple was thinking here. The Ten is supposed to improve on past iPhones, not take features away.

  • Salinger

    The OLED screen that’s larger than the 8 Plus but in a phone about the size of the 8 is the biggest attraction for me. I’ve gotten used to the size of my 7 Plus since I’ve had it, but it is still ungainly for me and a bit hard to manage comfortably.

    When I moved over from Android to iOS a few years ago, it took me ages to not think the screen looked washed out and dull compared to the OLED’s I was used to. Even then, whenever I’d see someone’s Galaxy screen, I’d be a bit envious. Now, the opportunity to have that screen in a great form factor AND on an iPhone is very appealing to me.

    If the screen isn’t a big draw for you, then I totally agree. Save some serious $$ and get the 8 or 8 Plus.

  • Learning Solutions

    Swipe down from the top to open the Control Center, just a slight change

  • bbousquet

    X is 10.

  • sukisszoze

    I was wondering what will Apple call its X next year while the 8 will be 9.

  • Steve

    Why would the iPhone 7 plus 256GB be going for $1100 on kijiji if the 128GB sells for $1029 unlocked from Apple?

  • Chrome262

    Well it is a draw, but for me it might not be enough. I will see in feb when my contract is up