iPhone X Hands-On at Apple HQ ‘Accidentally’ Shared by YouTuber [VIDEO]


In what is probably the best look at the iPhone X in the wild, YouTuber Brook Peterson shared a video of her dad’s iPhone (he works at Apple?) at Apple headquarters.

Her vlog has since been pulled (suggesting she was not supposed to share iPhone X in the video), but Reddit saved a clip of the video (of course) which details some features of the iPhone X in action:

[VIDEO] Hands-On Space Grey iPhone X (found on YouTube – Brooke Peterson) from apple

In the video, we see how Notification Center and Control Center are activated on the device, plus how Animoji look like, along with how apps look with the ‘notch’ at the top. Peterson gushes about the camera on iPhone X, which takes place within a visit to Caffe Macs, the cafeteria at Apple’s current headquarters.

The saved clip on Reddit omits one clip of the vlog, where her dad is seen testing Apple Pay with iPhone X using Face ID at the Caffe Macs checkout. From our recollection of that scene, it worked pretty seamlessly, as if Touch ID was being used.

What do you think? Was this iPhone X footage supposed to be shared online? Surely, her dad knew she was vlogging and the demo would be put on the interwebs, right?

Apple this morning reiterated iPhone X pre-orders are set to take place this Friday, October 27 at 12:01AM PT/3:01 AM ET in Canada.


  • Olley

    typical generation X vlogger. seems like she’d suck a dick or two for views and clicks.

  • Jay

    A little much don’t you think? smh

  • Olivier

    I would think Apple knew and approved. Otherwise, that dad is dumb AF to let her daughter record the whole day and how the iPhone interract, as well as letting her publish it.

    My guess is that its all marketing by Apple. The video was shot in september and is « coincidentally » being released 3 days before the iphone X preorders ?

  • sukisszoze

    Has to be Apple approved lol..or her dad is out of a job.

  • Derrick Rockwell

    Way to ruin you dads career!

  • This is obviously strategic marketing from Apple.

  • Ned K.

    I wish Apple spends more on their product improvement than all those stupid marketing.