Apple’s iPhone X Launches in Canada


The day has finally arrived—Apple has launched iPhone X sales in Canada, with many lining up outside Apple Stores (and still in line!) for the company’s tenth anniversary smartphone, which features new Face ID technology and a 5.8-inch OLED display.

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iPhone X is priced at $1319 for the 64GB model and $1529 for the 128GB model from Apple.

Carrier pricing from Rogers, Telus and Bell starts at $599 for a 64GB iPhone X on a two-year term, with minimum $95 per month plan.

Initial iPhone X pre-orders are set to delivery today across Canada, while for those who missed out, Reserve and Pick Up will resume on November 4 at 6AM local time.

Did you get your iPhone X yet? How do you like it so far?


  • Matt Martone

    Have mine 🙂 It’s awesome!

  • Le Tuxedo

    lucky you. In Ottawa they are waiting for a shipment later today. Sold out of 64GB pretty fast and got no 256GB.

  • I ordered a few minutes after preorders opened, but my shipping date is still November 20. 64gb, silver, no carrier. I’m hoping that date improves soon!

  • poopchute


  • Jonathan Schneidman

    ordered from Telus preorder 8 hours after preorders started and im getting mine today. Crazy the shipping differences.

  • Chartrand Michel

    ORdered from telus 10min after preorder open and will receive mine on Monday !
    Dammm telus ! Don’t use Canada post !

  • Alex

    I Pre ordered with Telus. It said 2 weeks. This morning I walked in Telus. The rep switched my pre order to an actual phone that he had (256gb silver). I got home… my phone is delivered ? so now I have two iPhone X and will be shipping out the other one back so I can get full refund haha.

    Loved the service but… couldn’t they tell me prior that I’d received my phone today. I’ve never received a tracking or anything haha

  • Ryan

    I wish Bell would do that. I preordered on the 27, had my card charged, and have no shipping times. However, stores have stock and they can’t apply my preorder to one in store. It’s a fucking joke!

  • Cornfed710

    Touch ID and Face ID aren’t playing nice together ??

  • Tim

    Had a preorder for a 256gb iphone X at the Apple store in downtown Montreal, but decided I was ok with 64gb. I walked in, talked to a rep, asked it if I could get a 64gb instead. They said sure, I cancelled my preorder, got my new phone and walked out. The whole process took about 15 minutes. It was busy, but not packed or anything. I think the supply worries are being overblown by the media, perhaps partially as a result of seeding by Apple marketers to create hype.

    The phone is great btw. I was on the fence and thought I might cancel entirely, but moving from a plus model to this form factor is worth is alone for me. So nice to have a one handed device again with not a lot of compromise on screen real estate.

  • BeaveVillage

    $95/month plan? Is this a joke? Why so expensive?

  • Tyler

    Been sitting at home all day…still waiting for UPS to show up. Doesn’t help that its been snowing for 24 hrs straight.

  • Same here…UPS where you at! #firstworldproblems

  • That’s what happens when people want to sign 2-year contracts on a phone that costs $1319/$1529…

  • xxxJDxxx

    To those who got their phones today; How are you finding FaceID? Do you find it works quickly and accurately? How does it compare to TouchID?

  • Shawn N

    Preordered at 1:05am on the 27th, got a 3 week ship date, waited and hoped it would change, it didn’t so I called my Telus store asked if they had any space grey 256gb he had 3, held one for an hour for me and I walked into an empty store and purchased it full out to keep my 17 year old plan upgraded from 6s+

  • Arvind Bala

    Best buy Calgary Beacon hill had 4 IPX’s for walk in customers at 8 PM today. I got a pre-ordered 256 GB silver. The store was pretty much empty.

  • Josh

    Do you know if they had any space grey?


    Yes but only in 64GB version.

  • Mike Rhynold

    Same situation for me. Why do they even offer a pre-order if stores have stock available for anyone who walks in? And we can’t go simply switch our order to in-store stock?! My phone didn’t even ship yet!

  • AEdouard

    Works really well. Overall it works better for me than touch id.

  • Present forever

    Hi Gary,
    I very interested In knowing your opinion about iPhone X
    Did you get one?
    What is your opinion?

  • Cary Glazier

    I preordered with 2-3 week delivery Nov 21-28. Has anyone in this time frame had their delivery moved up ?