Get Ready for ‘iPhone X Notch Clones’ from Android Manufacturers



It’s no surprise the Android phone makers are going to copy the iPhone X notch to death. As noted by The Verge, the flood of knockoff notches on Android smartphones got started early with the Leagoo S9 last year and now, we can add the upcoming Noa N10 to the list of ‘iPhone X notch clones’.

“It was inevitable that Apple’s radically redesigned iPhone would prompt such a response from its (much) smaller competitors. The notch in the iPhone X is used to accommodate the Face ID tech that gives it its technological edge, but for a large swathe of consumers, the notch will simply be an identifier to show that you have the latest, stupidly expensive iPhone. The notch is the status symbol’s symbol.”

Pictured above, the Not N10’s notch is said to be so bad that it actually oversteps the Android interface’s icons. Even the clock isn’t fully visible because of the curved corner of the screen. To make things worse, the Noa N10 also feature a bottom bezel that the iPhone X lacks. Other than copying Apple shamelessly, the N10 does have a decent ceramic casing and a dual 16-megapixel camera system.

The Noa N10 will debut during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, and will ship with Android 8.0 Oreo at a price of around $375.

What do you guys think of these iPhone X wannabes?


  • Tim

    Knotch it off you androidiots.

  • FragilityG4

    Not mention the back looks like the Galaxy S8

  • Tim

    Remember that highly impractical 90’s fad where everyone started wearing overalls with one strap undone? That’s what having a notch on your phone is like. In a year or two, everyone’s going to sober up and ask themselves, “WTF is there this hideous notch on my phone?!”. Our kids will look back and laugh, in the same way you can’t help, but giggle when someone pulls our a brick phone in an 80’s movie.

  • xunholyx

    So two discount Asian manufacturers who nobody has ever heard of before (probably known for knockoffs) make Android phones with a notch (Android is open source), and now there’s going to be a deluge of other Android OEMs following suit?
    What a fucking joke of an article

  • Kris

    Worst idea ever…. The notch is annoying. Just make a slim bezel for the sensors already! Steve Jobs would never have allowed something as ugly as a stupid notch…