Apple Ships First iPhone X Pre-Orders in Canada


Yesterday we told you how to find your UPS tracking number for your iPhone X pre-order, and shortly after midnight Pacific Time this morning, Apple shipped the first orders in Canada, set for delivery on Friday, November 3, the device’s launch day.

Iphone x shipped

As you can see from the email we received, Apple says our iPhone X has shipped. According to UPS, the current status is ‘Order Processed: Ready for UPS’—essentially in holding until it will be shipped out tomorrow.

Apple stated in a previous press release Apple Stores will have iPhone X stock on launch day, but supplies are limited. If you’re planning on waiting in line, you’re told to “arrive early” for the best chance to nab one on Friday.

Has your iPhone X pre-order shipped?


  • I’m at Nov 21-28, still got my fingers crossed that things will get faster than Apple thinks and it will get shipped out a few days earlier.

  • SOB

    Same here. Nov 21 to 28. Heard that some people were getting their orders earlier. Hoping for a trickle down effect. Also reserve in store option will start tomorrow. Not sure if that can get the phone faster?

  • zerobrand

    Shipped and getting it tomorrow between 1pm and 4:30pm ! Hype!

  • khiladi420

    Mine initially was at Nov 15-22 then a day or two, it changed to Nov 3 which is awesome. I’ve also ordered a case and a fast wireless charger from amazon also coming tomorrow. Very excited for this new experience.

  • Kenjamin

    How did you get the time slot? Mine only said delivered by Nov 3.

  • Alex

    Every time I hear the email notification on my phone I jump on it… and today i realize that I receive a lot of stupid emails haha.

    Anyone preordered with Telus ? Mine still says shipping nov 2nd… ???

  • zerobrand

    You have to be a member with UPS My Choice to see your time slot, it’s free.

  • Gabe

    Bell Small Business dept pre order. I got the new line and account creation email this morning. Also, As of today the new line shows up with iPhone X icon In the my bell app. Getting it read to ship? I hope so

  • xxxJDxxx

    This is just making me more and more bitter about the apple store glitches that caused me to miss launch day. Not the greatest for customer relations, apple.

  • Billy

    I am a member but I only see the date as well. How do you see the time slot?

  • Jack

    same boat, it doesn’t even appear on my choice delivery planner.

  • Daniel

    100% Agree

  • zerobrand
  • Jack

    checked mine using the app, it said 3:15-5:15, ugh

  • SOB

    That was I did too cuz everyone said that was the best way. At first I didn’t mind getting it on Nov 21st because I was still on the fence about going with the X. However, based on the early reviews it sounds like this phone is going to be awesome. So I want it now!!! 🙂

  • Mr Dog

    If ya don’t mind me asking. When did ya get the pre-order in?

    I ordered through bell at 2:58am and still waiting for a e-mail lol

  • George Carson

    My iPhone X has shipped with November 3 as the delivery.

  • Gabe

    Around 10am. business orders run through a different stream I believe and I’ve had better luck on launch day stock 😉 it’s a neat trick if you don’t want to set an alarm

    Edit : I hope I didn’t just ruin stock for myself for next launch ? I can see apple fanatics getting gst numbers by the dozen now lol

  • zerobrand

    My UPS delivery guy came yesterday to deliver my iphone X cases, I asked him what time he expected to come Friday if I had any deliveries, he said not until 3:30pm for sure.

  • Might, if people score one in store, theyll likely cancel their pre-order, therefore bumping everyone up 1 spot in theory. Hopefully it happens that way.

  • Mr Dog

    Dam that is brutal! Are you part of a small business or do ya just try and get to that department for the order?

    They estimate mine to ship out in 1-2 weeks lol

  • Gabe

    You need a small business account to begin with and order through that dept

  • Mr Dog

    You are so lucky. lol

  • Riley Freeman

    same here but i doubt it

  • Mr Dog

    Just got notification of shipment actually 😀

    Looks like it might be here tomorrow.

  • Gabe

    Congrats man! You think it will arrive by tomorrow? Last time they used puro and took 2 days.

  • Mr Dog

    I believe their wharehouse is in the GTA. If that’s the case then yeah, for sure assuming Canada Post picks up the orders today.

    They shipped with Canada Post.

  • Alexandre

    Anyone got it from Telus ? Any news ? Just curious 🙂

  • Arvind Bala

    I just got a call from my local best buy where i had pre-ordered a iphone X 256 silver. They have booked an appointment for tomorrow evening. Totally didn’t expect a call as i had just gone to BB last night to pre-order my phone. Anyone else got a call from Best buy?

  • Allo

    Wow ! Where are you located??

  • Léon

    As of 15:45 local time, mine is Concord, ON

  • Me too! As of 15:19, also in Concord, ON! 😀

  • CMfly

    Ugh still annoyed that the glitches did not let me get the store to load until 3:08am.. finished my order by 3:11am and I have a Nov 21-28 date.. Somehow my friend woke up in the morning placed an order at 8:30am and got a Nov 15-22 date… Whats up with that..

  • Bobby

    You got a shipping email from bell? I ordered at 2:58am as well and I haven’t received anything yet.

  • Léon


  • Ash

    My iPhone X shipped with Telus. Got a tracking number with Canada Post.

  • alex

    What time did you order and where are you located?… I still have not got mine and I am getting worried 🙁

  • Ash

    I ordered the 256GB Silver around 8am on Friday. I am in Mississauga and the tracking info also says item was processed in Mississauga.

  • Alex

    Damn. I ordered at 3:00am first thing I’m in Montreal and till nothing :(… I’m gonna go line up tomorrow at Telus hopping for the best hehe.

  • Mr Dog

    Yup! And the tracking just updated that Canadapost picked up from their warehouse in Mississauga.

    It says ‘Service Standard’ as Monday but hopefully it is delivered tomo 😀

    I did stir up a bit of a shit storm on twitter, I do not know if that helped 😛

  • Arjun Gulati

    Anyone order from Rogers? I ordered mine on October 27th at around 6:15am? Still haven’t received an email. Ah! I just want to get some sort of info! They’ve charged my account for the upgrade fee already though.

  • Hondanazi

    Pre-ordered mine on Tuesday night and just got a call that it’s in and I will get mine tomorrow morning. Didn’t get it from Apple and I have a contract with One of the big three. I’m excited to get mine tomorrow….256g space grey….whooooo hooooo!

  • Good news, even the Apple website times have dropped to 3-4 weeks from 5-6. Perhaps our crossed fingers are working heh

  • SOB

    I am hoping I wake up tomorrow and see my shipping date move up. I might try the reserve and pick up option and see if they r showing better times.

  • I plan on doing the same thing.
    I wish you luck my friend!

  • SOB


  • wahgee88

    new device should be at workplace in Surrey, BC tomorrow late AM/early PM. 🙂
    256gb space grey.

  • Gloria Paul

    Ordered via Best Buy and they called me last night to advise my Iphone X 256gb space grey is in stock in Brampton, ON ready for pick up Nov 3

  • AEdouard

    Got mine at the Apple Store with a Fido plan. For anyone curious, the phone is unlocked. They really don’t seem to lock new on contract iPhones at Fido.