First iPhone X Pre-Orders in Canada Now ‘Preparing to Ship’


The lucky folks who managed to nab the first iPhone X pre-orders from Apple, are starting to see their statuses move to the ‘Preparing to Ship’ stage in Canada.

Iphone x preorder preparing to ship

According to the company, iPhone X demand has been “off the charts”, while according to Rogers, iPhone X demand has been “tremendous.”

iPhone X pre-orders are available from are currently shipping in 5 to 6 weeks. Those who have pre-ordered from Rogers, Telus and Bell may see their devices on launch day depending on how much inventory is available. iPhone X pre-orders are also available from Best Buy, while Fido will kick off pre-orders November 1.

For those who missed out on launch day iPhone X pre-orders, Apple has said stores will have some stock next Friday. On Saturday, November 4 at 8AM local time, Apple’s online Reserve and Pick Up will resume, so that is your best bet to guarantee yourself a device.

Apple’s iPhone X launches on Friday, November 3, 2017.


  • Yep… noticed that this morning with my order… Can’t wait for Friday!

  • Can’t wait for Face ID to take my face off!

  • Can’t wait to go to my local Apple store at 6 AM to queue up!

  • Mario Gaucher

    I ordered through my provider… called them around 10:30am (they were opened at 7:30am).
    They will start shipping on Friday… hopefully my device will be in the first batch.


    I have novermeber 3rd pickup but it still says processing. I called the store and they said it wont most likely update until a day before (nov2) saying ready for pickup. They told me they see my name and not to worry.

  • Unhappy Canadian

    This is the third time trying order on line but never had any luck to be ship on the lunch day. All three previous year had been waiting in an hour before pre order open. Always get to be in 3 to 4 weeks shipping time and this had not change for me on Oct 27, I don’t think it’s luck. I feel apple is fooling us. Never apple again So frasterated.

  • Gary!!! Tell them your order was messed up and you were suppose to get 2 of them!!!

    Then send the other my way for money… I don’t want to wait 2-3 weeks lol

  • lol okay ?

  • Bob Langevin

    Preparing to ship for me

    Anyone tried the UPS trick already: Enter your apple order number minus the last 2 digit on the “tracking by reference number” portion of the website.

    Nothing for me but some US people got some info

  • Sam Lambert

    Hey, maybe this can help you. I have 2 orders, one to a residential address, the other one to the store. Both are due for Nov 3. The one delivering to an address is preparing to ship whereas the one due for pick-up in store is still processing. My guess is that stores can get expedite shipping and will most likely ship later during the week and be there within 2 days. People at home need individual boxes with their address whereas pick-ups are most likely just a pile of sealed iPhones in a bigger box heading to your store. Just assuming though!

  • xeronine992

    I wonder why the last 2 digits are dropped.. Not working for me, nor is tracking using phone number.

    I’m signed up for UPS My Choice, so hopefully I get an email as soon as the label is created.

  • CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

  • xeronine992

    I hear ya!

    Are you one of the lucky Nov 3rds?

  • No, but I’ll be one of the first to line up outside my local Apple store to get my hands on one. 🙂

  • mac dan

    Anyone from Canada get shipping info, or charged for their iphone X yet?

  • Assist Dev

    No, still pre-shipping for Nov 3rd. Most likely will get delay unless they magically appeared in Mount Hope airport before tomorrow night.

  • Mario Gaucher

    it’s mostly the same thing every year…
    a bunch of iPhone are shipped to North America. they are dispatched from there. Even if your tracking says it’s still in China or order system is saying “in process”, your phone might already be in a warehouse in North America or in Canada waiting to be scanned by UPS/Purolator/DHL…
    I remember one year, I even received my phone before I got my tracking number from Apple…

  • Patrick Ducharme

    My friend that ordered one is panicking, it’s his first iPhone on launch day. To mess with him I said that he should prepare to wait for couple of days of delay hehe

  • Mario Gaucher

    panicking? wow!! 😉
    if he still has a date of November 3rd date, it will arrive on Friday… maybe on Monday if there’s a problem

  • Mario Gaucher

    that said, I’m “panicking” also… I’ve ordered mine with Vidéotron around 10:30am on Friday… apparently they will start shipping on Friday. They don’t even know if I will be in the first batch shipped to customer.

  • Morgan

    ive been charged for my iphone but its still saying “preparing for shipment”. I am a little worried since its suppose to be here on the 3rd.

  • Patrick Ducharme

    Panicking mostly because he sold his iPhone 7 weeks ago and revert to an old iPhone 5 (not “s”) that he dropped in toilet by accident years ago, and the battery doesn’t keep the charge, doesn’t have Bluetooth and doesn’t have WiFi hehe

  • Mario Gaucher

    Don’t worry, you will get it in time.
    They are the processing so much orders now that they might not have the time to scan everything.

  • Morgan

    That’s a relief! I told my mom to take the day off so that someone is home when it arrives. I don’t want her to get mad at me if it didn’t come lol

  • Kenjaminli

    I used my phone number as the UPS reference number and it worked! It looks like my iPhone X is in Burlington, ON now. Delivery date is Nov 3 as expected!

  • mac dan

    Thanks for the reply guys, the UPS reference number track works now.

  • wajiha

    i order mine like two hours before yours, i called them today and they said they didn’t start shipping the iPhone yet and he couldn’t (or he didn’t want too, he wasn’t that nice ) tell me the date they will start delivering the iPhone.

  • Mario Gaucher

    I’ve got an automated call yesterday morning saying that they were preparing my order.
    I contacted them this morning to get the tracking. checked with planete courrier chat (company Vidéotron is using in Montreal). My device should be delivered tomorrow (maybe today).

    I’ve ordered a silver 256GB it that makes a difference.

  • Ryan

    I talked to Bell and they said that they weren’t even getting shipments from Apple till Nov 3 and that preorders online would ship out over the next few weeks. I was up at 2:00am to preorder, have been charged, and still have no ship number or anything.

  • Jella

    I wonder if it’s the same deal with Virgin Mobile, my status still says “order is being processed” and I pre-ordered it right away 🙁

  • Ryan

    Now Bell is telling me even longer. Seems like the customer service agents have no idea what’s going on. Starting to wonder why we even bother pre-ordering through carriers in Canada.

    From Bell just now:
    “Kris: It was just release today, as per Apple, once release it will be deliver 2-3 weeks.”

  • Jella

    No kidding, others using other carriers seem as though they will be getting their phones today. I guess we will just have to be patient.