Apple iPhone X Pre-Orders Launch in Canada [u]


Apple has launched iPhone X pre-orders in Canada, as the ‘feeding frenzy’ took place at 12:01AM PT/3:01AM ET.

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Here’s what iPhone X costs outright in Canada:

  • 64GB: $1319 CAD
  • 256GB: $1529 CAD

Did you manage to get an iPhone X pre-order for November 3 delivery?

Update: Well that was fast. All launch stock is now at 2-3 weeks, minutes after the store went back online at around 12:04AM PT/3:04AM ET. That was a doozy. Looks like the win was our iPhone on LTE.

Update Oct. 27, 1:00AM PT: All stock showing shipping times of 4-5 weeks!

Update Oct. 27, 1:40AM PT: All stock now showing shipping times of 5-6 weeks.

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  • B C

    Already 2-3 Weeks now… Took only 6 minutes to get through first batch (though it started a bit late)

  • Jess Kovatch

    It started late, and the app didn’t load at all for me. I got it faster on my laptop, nick of time I think.

  • Duff

    damn 2-3 week wait. got mine in and nov 23-28 delivery. wow thats a record fast sell out.

  • B C

    Opposite for me… And my Apple Pay failed ….
    Started around 3:04 I think

  • PaulP

    Strange, website just went live for me about a minute ago. Got it through the app immediately. Got one for delivery and one for pickup.

  • warpdrive

    Two space greys for pickup at Apple store Southgate on launch day. Sweet….. not sure what I was worried about. Lol

  • Theshay

    Got my silver 256gb for nov 3. minutes later deliveries are weeks out. Strangely my leather case doesn’t deliver until Nov 6

  • Bailey

    2-3 weeks…..I really wonder if Canada had any for day 1 orders. That sold too fast.

  • warpdrive

    App is always way faster at going live than the website.

  • Jess Kovatch

    Mine asked for new contact info and I thought I had lost it. I checked it before too…

  • Tony L

    Mine says nov 3. Delivery! But went to 2 to 3 weeks right away when I played around to check again

  • Olivier

    Got it on lauch date (according to the confirmation email). Store became online faster on my Mac

  • PaulP

    Glad I read that on here first.

  • artikas

    Got in at the right time. Getting mine Nov 3

  • dke850

    Got my space grey X! The app (at least my app) took until 12:03 am (1:03 am MST.,. yawn) to load. Glad I got it!!

  • Cody Woodward

    When I checked out it still said nov. 3rd, but my email confirmation says 2-3 weeks. I didn’t waste a second on ordering on the app in my favourites either. Leather cases are saying nov. 6th for as well, which I placed in a 2nd order after.

  • Bob Langevin

    Black 64gb and Silver 64gb, both launch day at 00:05. Whoever said short supply is out for lunch… They had huge amount produced already

  • Jason

    got mine! 256 in white! didn’t make the store pick up in time so I’ll have it delivered!

  • Ynik

    Pick Up in Laval on Nov 3. Space Grey 256Gb

  • Cary Glazier

    I got screwed. I was trying to login right at 12:01…the app still doesn’t load on my phone and had the website loaded on my computer. Finally got through at 12:12. 2-3 weeks

  • Mark Holoubek

    Got mine! 256 Space Grey at Rideau Centre next Friday!!

  • wahgee88

    I couldn’t do phone reservation on the MB Pro. However, I just ordered 256GB Space Grey – pickup Metrotown, Nov. 3. I guess at the time of pickup, I can see if I an put the phone on a contract with Telus for my mother-in-law and pay the subsidy pricing.

  • sidman

    Thanks for the great tips Gary. Got in on the first wave.
    Pick up Nov 3rd, 256gb Space Grey

  • Cory Jason

    Definitely did. I got a launch day pickup of a 64GB Silver at Apple Store Fairview. 8:30AM was available, but I went for a more reasonable 9:30AM!

  • MathieuM

    Using the Apple Store app only loaded around 0305 EST for me, but luckily snagged a 64GB Space Grey and a 64GB Silver, both for delivery on Nov 03!

  • Mike

    All gone. This is worse than ticketmaster.

  • Manpreet Singh

    same here. had the app open on 3 different devices, closing and opening constantly

  • Bailey

    congrats 🙁

  • Phil

    Am I the only one who kept getting error message at every single step of the reservation through the app? Thanks to this, I wasn’t able to get a reservation. Thank you Apple, you’ve once again outdone yourself in terms of your products not working.

  • Okina

    Hmm. Nov 21-28 window. But the app took a good ten minutes before opening properly. Didn’t go the LTE route though. Oh well, back to sleep

  • Mr Dog

    FYI! Bell Pre-orders are up too despite them telling me they start at 8am >.>

  • AppleCrumble

    Got 2 64GB Silver. Nov 3 delivery. Woohoo!

  • Kevjo

    Managed to getting the first time slot for pickup on the 3rd. Could only get through using the Apple Store app on my phone on LTE.

  • Jesse Ocean

    I got in on the first wave of reserve & pickup but it’s just been spinning the last 20 minutes ?

  • ddsmak

    No issue getting in at 12:03 to order the 64GB Siver using the app. But decided to use Apple Pay and ended up taking me 10 min. to complete the form. Stupid part was that it didn’t work at the end. I have to choose the regular payment method which only took 15 sec. My Apple email said estimated delivery date is Nov 21-28. 🙁

  • David Liang

    Now it is slipped to 4-5 weeks shipment.

  • Tony L


  • Gh0st8

    I got through around 12:06 and it was already 2-3 weeks delivery. FffFfffffffffuuuuuuu

  • Tony L

    Same here and yes thanks for the tips

  • Gh0st8

    Me too man, oh well we lost the iPhone lottery this time

  • Kevjo

    What’s the link?

  • AppleCrumble

    Same for me. Both my favourites and shipping address were lost when I got in through the Apple Store app. Lucky for me i just had to copy my shipping same as my billing address and got through. 2 64GB silver delivery on launch day!

  • Ted

    Just like last year with the 7 and the 6, the app store NEVER opens for me at 12:01, but only starts working at 12:07, at which point all shipping dates were 2-3 weeks….

  • Jay

    I got my order done through the website at 12:04am and was a 2 to 3 week shipping delay. The 6 Apple stores around me here in Vancouver had no available times to pick up in store 🙁 So I’ll just go in on the 3rd to buy my case and see it in store. Wait patiently for delivery!

  • Cornfed710

    Nice ?

  • ed1820

    Now, I see now 4-5 weeks…

  • Mr Dog

    I did it as an upgrade though the account manager. Not sure about new contracts.

    LOL and they are down for service now until 4AM

  • David Liang

    Even though I missed the initial shipment, but at least I got it late.

  • Paul Sereda

    Managed to get a launch day pickup slot, but shipping times have already slipped out to 4-5 weeks… I’m betting it slips past xmas by the morning (for those of us on the west coast).

  • For me both the Apple Store app and web store were down until about 3:04 AM (ET), and as it was I had to load the web store in a private browsing window to bypass the cache (the main Safari window was still showing down the whole time).

    Managed to just sneak in an order when everything was still Nov. 3 for a pickup at Yorkdale, since as soon as I finished that order went back to check the store and it was down again and took another three or four minutes before it came back to life, after which it was showing 2-3 weeks across the board. The Apple Store app was down throughout this entire process.

  • Cornfed710

    Like I said in the other thread. Got my confirmation email for 2 X’s at 3:03 using the app on WiFi using ?Pay, no problems. I just kept reloading the app. I guess I got lucky ?

  • Tyler
    Two silver. 256 and 64. Everything went very smooth. I was surprised. I was in by 01:03am.

  • Nigel Brown

    I got mine done through the website at 3:10 faaak lol….the phone app wouldn’t load and i was on LTE, but lucky thing i had my laptop right next to me. I got the 256 space gray with the 2-3 week delivery.

  • Ian Geoffrey Minton

    Nov 3 pick up 10am, 256 space grey. Would have had 9am but Apple Pay failed. Used Apple Store app on LTE.

  • James

    Was launching and closing the AS app like crazy, finally got thru around 3:05 ET. SG256, 2-3 week delivery estimate. Guess the tight supply rumours were correct. 4-5 weeks as of this post. First time I won’t be receiving on launch day…hopefully ships earlier.

  • James

    Same, hopefully shipping estimate improves once the dust settles…

  • Edward

    Got 2 for nov 3. I always choose shipping to avoid the busy store. I got it from app as well.

  • James

    Province and pre-order method?

  • Scoobs

    So best buy website still has pre orders live showing shipping date as Nov 3 couldnt snag one on the website but done it through best buy

  • James

    lucky for sure, same method but app wouldn’t load until 3:05. 2-3 week.
    What province?

  • Shams Tabrez

    Pre-Order thru Bestbuy, i got mine for Nov 6th.

  • Dansk

    The store didn’t come back online for me till 12:09 on my iMac, MacBook and iPhone instant 2-3 week wait

  • Tyler

    I got two silver shipping Nov 03.
    Alberta, Apple Pay through the App

  • Edward

    Ontario and app

  • James

    Same, frig

  • ???

    Managed to get first time slot at my local Apple Store for pickup on the 3rd. Got through around 12:03 and store pickup was still available.. didn’t go the LTE route though. Snagged myself a Silver 256GB! Times currently showing 4-5 weeks as of now.

  • James


  • Cornfed710

    Ontario, with an iPhone 7, using Fido Home internet.

  • James

    Right on. I’m Ontario, iPhone 8 plus, Rogers Gigabit. SOL for me.

  • applefan

    GUYS I NEED HELP i was one of the lucky ones to get November 3rd. but i put the wrong card when i used the apple pay on my phone and the card declined. Does my order get cancelled or can i call apple and use the appropriate card?i dont want to lose the shipping date 🙁 can anyone help me ?

  • Once things calm down you should be able to log in to the Apple Store online using your Apple ID and edit your order to change the billing and payment information.

    Note that this probably isn’t available right now as Apple’s order management system goes into “lite” mode during pre-order windows like this with many of the order management features switched off, so if you can’t see it right now, check back in a few hours.

  • I got one!

    LTE. Was on. Followed the step by step instructions posted on iPhone in Canada. I kept refreshing my Apple Store page as of 3:00am and then got into store. Went to favorites … the rest is history …Nov 3rd pick up… thanks for the post iPhone in Canada!!!!

  • apple fan

    update: got an email from apple to change payment method and BOOM my shipping date didnt change and the order is fine now 😀

  • AEdouard

    Got through at around 12:05. Out of there at 12:06 with a reserve and pick up and the model I wanted. We! Was tight though. Had both my phone and my pc going at at it, but the PC got it first.

  • Oliver Hoffmann

    I got through at around 12:10-12:11 and also got 2-3 weeks.

  • Here too. 12:05 it finally came to life. When placing the order it said delivered by Nov.3rd
    However once the order was placed the email says November 21-28. But on the bright side, at least we can rest easy that we got one coming 🙂

  • Arthur Shen

    Finally got into the store (using iPad via wifi) at 3:08 and placed my order for a 64gb silver. The estimated shipment is 2-3 weeks…

  • Oliver Hoffmann

    App store app didn’t work for me at all. Around 12:08 when I refreshed the website in my browser I was happy to see it finally works but then on the order page it had kicked me into the US version of the site so I had to reload again to get to the Canadian site. There were definitely some technical issues.

  • Derek Climan

    I was lucky enough to get an in-store pick up on Nov 3rd using Apple Pay. Can anyone confirm that I will be able to use a hardware upgrade with Bell at the time of pick up?

  • sgmah

    Toronto 3:03 am go in, ordered through iPhone 7 Apple Store app connected on Rogers home internet wifi. My iPhone X Space Grey set to arrive on Nov. 3rd. Yay! Also ordered their Leather Folio to arrive on Nov. 1.

  • Nick

    seconding this

  • Technically speaking if you’ve already pre-ordered it and paid via Apple Pay that will likely confuse things — as far as Apple is concerned you’re just showing up to pick up an iPhone that you’ve already paid full price for.

    So Apple would have to refund the purchase you’ve already made and sell you the iPhone again under a Bell hardware upgrade. While this should theoretically be possible, the intransigence of Apple’s internal point-of-sale systems might make it more of a headache than the rep you’re dealing with is willing to go through.

    Apple has a separate “Reserve and Pick up” option that’s intended for people who plan to go through a carrier upgrade, where they hold a unit for you, but you don’t deal with any of the payment or transaction stuff until you arrive at the store.

  • Nick

    that was the option used – Reserve and Pick up. No issues with carrier upgrade then right?

  • Derek Climan

    Thanks. That’s what I figured.

  • Well, no more so than normal when it comes to dealing with carriers ?

    But yes, Reserve and Pick Up is the option to use if you’re planning to do a carrier upgrade, or even just pay in-store rather than online.

  • Well, it’s been my experience that Apple Store staff usually go out of their way to be helpful, so hopefully you’ll be able to get it taken care of.

    As far as I know there is no carrier-specific stock allocation in Apple Stores; even when iPhones were still being sold locked to carriers as a matter of course, they were locked at the point of sale based on the SIM card that they were being sold with, not based on separate piles of iPhones in the back assigned to each carrier (this differed from stores like Best Buy and Wireless Wave, where units in inventory were in fact carrier-specific).

  • poopchute

    My order was completed within 30 seconds of the preorders going live, yet I still have a 3 week wait. (sigh)

  • KonstantinRD

    Same here. Nov 3rd cannot come fast enough. Being on LTE seems to be the key since my iPad on Wifi and laptop were not showing the store as live. my iphone on LTE showed it right at 12:01

  • I had the opposite experience… On LTE the Apple Store app didn’t come up until almost 3:15 a.m. (ET) — well after I’d already placed my order through the web on my MacBook.

    The trick for me, however, was actually to open a private browsing window in Safari. I couldn’t get onto the Apple Store in my web browser either until I did that. However, it was also down again right after I got my order through, so I clearly snuck in through an open crack ?

  • KonstantinRD

    I was on iPhone 8 plus on LTE in Alberta and store app worked at 12:01 (PST) and was able to get Nov 3rd 64GB Space gray paid with Apple Pay. As soon as it was ordered, my iPad on Wifi and laptop on Wifi were still showing as Store not available. I think being on LTE is the key here for whatever reason.

  • Mark Fehler

    Rogers blows. Tried at 3am est. Didn’t work. Randomly woke up and tried at 5:45am…after refreshing a million times on “step 2” of the reservation process, it finally worked…and I’m number 5!! For some reason, I still think I won’t get one on launch day.

  • Alonso S

    Slow clap for those that got pickup for the 3rd. Had 3 devices going: force closing the store and re-opening plus auto refresh on a computer. Still got 2 for the 2 week lead time which is ok. But kudos to those again!!

  • xxxJDxxx

    SOOO frustrating to have missed the launch day phones because of this. Had to try logging in 3x and then when I went to place order it took 3x before it went though and by then it was 2-3 weeks.

  • Mark Fehler

    you couldn’t pick a carrier thru apple right? like you bought a full priced unlocked version?

  • Manpreet Singh

    Apparently Apple has changed the delivery date form 2-3 week shipping category to November 3 delivery in USA (via Macrumours).

    Don’t know If this will happen in Canada as well.

  • Harshbir Brar

    same! that’s the reason i searched this up. I’d be happy if they push the delivery dates for us! 🙂

  • Discus

    Did anybody has seen their status change from “Prepare to Ship” to actual Shipping ?

  • Galaxy

    That happened to me too.