Thousands Queue Around the World for the iPhone X Release [PICS]


Announced in September, the iPhone X went on sale in several countries on Friday. In Canada, Apple Stores opened at 8 AM, but people were seen waiting in line by 6 PM Thursday at many locations. Pre-orders of the phone sold out in minutes online all over the world.

Beginning Thursday night locally, crowds surrounded Apple’s retail stores in Singapore, Japan, and Australia, recalling the throngs that formed on the first day of iPhone sales on June 29, 2007.

Videos and photos published on Twitter showed security guards sectioning off those waiting in line outside Apple’s Orchard Road store in Singapore. In Sydney, fans set up lawn chairs while others sold their spots in line just hours before the phone was scheduled to go on sale in the region. Lines outside Tokyo’s Ginza Apple Store snaked down more than two blocks. In London, Apple employees cheered as the first customers exited the store after buying the new handset.

Here are a collection of photos of some of the first customers around the world to own the “future of the smartphone,” the iPhone X:

Apple Regent Street, London

Apple ???, Tokyo

Apple Sydney

Apple ???? iapm, Shanghai

Apple Dubai Mall

The new phone celebrates the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone. It has a storage capacity of up to 256 GB. The phone also has wireless charging, an OLED display, dual cameras with improved depth sensing, and a 3D face recognition unlocking system called Face ID.


  • leofoss

    CBC radio in Ottawa interviewed a person in line at the Apple Store since 9:00am on Thursday – a full 24 hours ahead of launch.

  • Now that is dedication…24 hours!

  • Kirk

    Congratulations to all those that purchased the X

  • Salinger

    I did my reserve and pick-up at the Toronto Eaton Centre at 2:00pm today. The specialist who served me said they still had phones available for walk-ins. There were maybe 20 people left in the walk-in line when I arrived, but probably triple or more that when I left 30-45 minutes later.

    I think a lot of people who didn’t queue up super early probably assumed there’d be no phones left, but now word is spreading that there are indeed some left. Or at least were a couple of hours ago.

  • Le Tuxedo

    Saw them. They started the lineup at 9AM Thursday. Dedication? Crazy? I was in Rideau centre mall at 5:15, I’m also crazy.

  • BigCat

    “Apple ???, Tokyo”

    This is the Apple store in Aoyama, Tokyo. The best one in Tokyo. The large tree in from of the store makes it very recognizable.

    Great Ramen shop just two blocks away.

  • popeyejos

    The same happened with me. It says to check back tomorrow morning at 6 AM