Apple’s iPhone X Shipping Times in Canada Improve to 2-3 Weeks


Just as Canadians have started to receive initial iPhone X pre-orders earlier than expected, Apple has improved estimated shipping times in Canada, now showing 2-3 weeks:

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The improved shipping times apply to all capacities and colours of iPhone X, an improvement over the initial 5-6 week period which quickly resulted after initial pre-orders back on October 27th.

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Many Canadians have already seen their shipping times improve over Apple’s original estimates, with some seeing late December dates changed to next week for delivery.

Apple most likely set a buffer for their expected delivery estimates, to underpromise and overdeliver, which we have seen in the past. Shipping estimates should improve again once we head into early December, in time for what is expected to be a busy holiday season for the company.



  • jay

    Just walk in the Apple Store and buy one.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Apple may ship them in 2 to 3 weeks but how long would it take UPS to deliver it to you. My iPhone X is still sitting in their warehouse in China since Nov 10 and we are the 16th today. Their phone support says: “Keep checking our website”. Terrible service.

  • Jeff

    Seems they might be accomplishing this by withholding from the cell providers. my position on the Rogers waitlist for an X hasn’t changed in over a week now. (Signed up on the day pre-orders opened)