iPhone X Shipping Times in Canada Improve to 1-2 Weeks


Only a few minutes after the iPhone X launched for pre-order, saw shipping times slip to 5-6 weeks, as initial launch supplies quickly sold out.

Three weeks later, the company is continuing to improve its shipping times for the iPhone X, as Apple Canada’s website now shows 1-2 weeks for all models. The 1 to 2 week shipping estimates are an improvement over the previous 2 to 3 week shipping estimates that have been available since November 15.

iPhone X models ordered today in the Canada and the United States will now arrive by early December, well ahead of the holidays. For other parts of the world, iPhone X shipping estimates are still at 2 to 3 weeks, but these estimates are also expected to improve over the next few days.

Ahead of the iPhone X launch, rumours suggested the device would be heavily constrained and in short supply until well into 2018. However, given the improvements we are already seeing, it seems that the supply/demand balance will be reached earlier than expected.


  • jay

    well we all know is a hype and for the fans now we will see how many apple sells here in Canada for 1400$.

  • I’m returning mine for a full refund.

  • Kirk


  • Kirk

    Love the phone ( still have my 7) but shipping times are improving because the thing costs a right kidney lol

  • Because it’s not worth over $1500.

  • Kirk

    Well that I agree. What do you currently have though? Can’t justify the upgrade huh?

  • I have an iPhone 6S, and it works perfectly fine. There’s nothing “groundbreaking” in the iPhone 8/X that’s worth upgrading for.