Tim Cook Joins Ellen’s iPhone X Unboxing and More [VIDEOS]


Yesterday, we saw Apple let a handful of YouTubers go hands-on with the iPhone X, while today we saw the embargo lift on press reviews.

Part of today’s embargo included a bunch of unboxing videos, found on YouTube. Ellen Degeneres had an iPhone X unboxing by 12-year old developer, Alex Knoll. Part of the unboxing sees Knoll get a FaceTime call from Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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Check it out below:

The Ellen Show:

Here are some other iPhone X unboxing videos to check out as well:


Jonathan Morrison:




  • Paid of course.

  • Olivier

    Interesting marketing move from Apple, I think it’s the first time they go so big with influencers and youtubers. I think it’s a good move since it’s probably more effective than regular newspaper or advertising. But I also think it shows Apple was not so sure about the sales and popularity of the X, therefore pushing into having a lot of coverage for the device to generate hype.

  • KonstantinRD

    Interesting to see that “unboxers” from Europe have iPhone X with writing on the back under iPhone while US&Canada just have iPhone and nothing else. That’s 1 for North America!

  • Ned K.

    Apple should stop wasting money on marketing, but spend the money to improve their products. Apple is pushing this marketing strategy so hard for iPhone X because they know that their phones are incomplete yet need to make sales.

  • I agree. Yet I’ll be lining up for the iPhone X..Only to return it within the returns period.

  • Morgan

    Europe has laws that requires these marking on the back. Im sure Apple wouldn’t have them on there if they had a choice.