Here’s the Actual Screen Area for Video on iPhone X vs iPhone 8 / 8 Plus



According to a new comparison by PhoneArena, measuring actual screen area when viewing most standard definition video on iPhone X vs the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, it seems that the usable screen area on iPhone X shrinks to that of a standard aspect phone with a 5″ diagonal for SD videos, which is 16% less than what the iPhone 8 Plus has to offer as screen area while watching video. 

“The usable area of the iPhone X display is akin to a standard ratio phone with 5.4″ diagonal, which is about what the 8 Plus offers, explaining the numbers above. Blowing up he picture with either the YouTube app’s zoom-to-fill option, or the iPhone X’s own double-tap full screen mode in, say, Netflix, will take away of the footage not only in the notch area, but also will crop the sides down to the screen’s aspect ratio.”

So in terms of watching video on your iPhone, the advantage seems to shift significantly form iPhone X to the cheaper iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Since the iPhone X has a 19.5:9 display aspect ratio, it blackbars regular formats that form the vast majority of YouTube videos, or crops some part of the video out when zoomed-to-fill in compatibility mode.

Here is a picture for comparison of actual video screen area on the three iPhones:


It must be noted however that when watching a movie or TV series shot in the 2:1 Univisium format (such as House of Card on Netflix), the power shifts to the iPhone X, although these are still few and far between.


  • Olley

    Who really sets their purchasing decision on this? The majority of consumers don’t even lock their phone with a passcode. This is just as the same as comparing geenbench scores.

  • Widohmaker

    The screen size was the primary reason I returned my X and bought an 8 plus.

  • Tim

    I much prefer the way web pages render on my 6 plus compared to my weekend with the X. The latter is nicer to hold and has a better camera, but for my needs the 6 plus wins after that.

  • Alan k

    Same here!

  • Cornfed710

    Don’t worry the X Plus will be here next year ?

  • DP

    I thought the 6 Plus was the worst iPhone Apple has ever made. I shouldn’t be able to know that there was only 1GB of RAM in that thing, and it irritate me all the time. The 6S Plus was good, the 7 Plus was probably the best phone apple made (until the iPhone X, which after a few weeks of using I think is the best iPhone I’ve used – sometime I make it to the end of the day and then my face is covered by a blanket on the couch and my phone won’t unlock – I forgot I even had a passcode! I never forgot about the technology with TouchID. With FaceID, I forget its there and that’s pretty cool).

    X Plus? I think I like the size too much on the X. I went from a 7 Plus to the X, and I don’t really notice the screen being smaller. But I rarely watch much video or use the phone in Landscape mode. If you did, then the Plus is probably better.