Imagining Apple’s 20th Anniversary ‘iPhone XX’


With the 10th anniversary ‘iPhone X’ still over a month away from hitting the shelves, an article over at Medium has imagined how ten years from now, in 2027, an Apple executive will grace the stage to show eager fans the 20th anniversary ‘iPhone XX’. With 20 years of improvements, refinements and technological achievements, the author shares his thoughts on how it will look like.

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The author says that in 2027, the rear camera notch will be completely gone. The screen will be the phone, the phone will be “all-screen in the human and non-marketing sense of the word”, with the software taking over the entire experience of using a phone. It will have an OLED HDR display, but with higher pixel density.

Regarding the iPhone XX cameras, here’s what he predicts 10 years from now:

  • 3+ rear cameras of varying focal lengths
  • 2+ front cameras of varying focal lengths, hidden behind the display
  • 3D object sensors on the rear of the iPhone
  • 3D object sensors on the front of the iPhone, hidden behind the display

Multiple lenses of different focal lengths on both sides so users can manipulate the depth-of-field of a photograph after it’s taken, and the addition of rear-facing 3D object sensors so iPhone software can know where objects sit in 3D space regardless of where those objects are in relation to the device.

To read the super lengthy article in its entirety, click here.


  • SOB

    Don’t tell me the price of the iPhone XX. Probably would be astronomical! 🙂

  • Lol

  • sully54

    And whatever generation is alive in ten years will find new things to complain about.

  • KBlazer07

    At this rate (by the time Apple solves all these manufacturing problems) the iPhone X might be renamed the 20th anniversary edition.

  • SV650

    In 2006, the world could not imagine what a smart phone would look like in 2008. What 2027 will bring is likely beyond our current ability to imagine.

  • johnnygoodface

    One thing’s for sure, I don’t dare imagine what will look like the iPhone XXX. Sorry I couldn’t resist!

  • My 1/2 cents

    oh for the love of…clickbait!
    how about imagining world peace or affordable housing?

  • Gerry Lee

    Without these sub models, we’d be possibly be at iPhone XX right about now.

  • Tim

    In ten years it may be foldable.

  • Si2k78

    Whatever it has… I’m sure Samsung would have already tried it 2 years prior….