iPhone 5 Price Drop: $149 on 3 Year Term at Future Shop, Best Buy


Screen Shot 2013 06 22 at 8 20 33 AM

Future Shop and Best Buy have dropped the price of the iPhone 5 on a three year term (new activations) from $179 to $149, a $30 savings. The new price is available from select carriers such as Rogers, TELUS and Bell for the 16GB model in either black or white. It doesn’t appear to be a temporary sale, but a permanent price drop. We expect carriers to follow suit shortly to match this.

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If you’re into subsidized iPhones and contracts, this might be just the time to jump on the iPhone 5. The next generation iPhone 5S is expected to launch this fall (with a similar design), so these price drops aren’t really unexpected.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!


  • hank

    Beware. Last December, Futureshop had a promo, buy 64G for the price of 32G (i.e. less $100). I jumped into it. Until now, 6 months after, after going back and forths with these guys, I still do not have the $100 credit. Fido cannont do something about it as it is Futureshops promo. Could be situational, case to case basis. But I am putting it out there just so you know.

  • Anthony

    Future Shop sales make commission when you get phones from them. That’s why they have their own promos. Carriers have nothing to do with those promos. Sales in Future Shop get commission selling TV and stuff as well.

  • hank

    Yes I understand. That is why I mentioned earlier that I go back and forth to Futureshop to credit my $100.

  • Bbrysucks

    Your fault for not ensuring things were in place before you left the store. Futurecrap and bestbong are THE worst place to be shopping for almost everything they sell. That and theyre trained to prey on the naive with insurance and fancy overpriced cables.

  • hank

    With regards to ensuring that everything is in place before I left FS, I sure did. There are just things that cannot be validated at that time. Things like waiting for the amount to be credited to my next billing cycle. All that can be done at that point in time while at FS is to take note of what has been said. Any suggestion on how what I should have done before leaving FS? Appreciate your auggestion.