iPhone 5c vs .50 Cal Rifle Torture Test, Filmed by iPhone 5s Slo Mo [VIDEO]


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Just over two weeks ago we saw YouTube channel RatedRR put the gold iPhone 5s through a torture test which ended badly against a .50 caliber rifle, after also undergoing drop tests on dirt, concrete and water.

Now, in a sick and twisted follow up, the iPhone 5c endures the same torture test, only to have the final rifle shot filmed using slo mo from its iPhone 5s sibling. Of course 120fps doesn’t match up to the 60,000fps slow motion camera used by the crew, but nevertheless it’s a well produced video that’s amazing to watch.

Check it out below and tell us what you think of this torture test:



  • Matt Welke

    Am I the only one laughing at the fact that he plays epic music as if it were actually some sort of amazing feat for the phone to survive a small drop onto dirt? Not to be any sort of fanboy, but everyone knows what is basically being said here. 😛

  • I like it, makes for an entertaining video. Well produced IMO