iPhone 5c Sale at Future Shop, Best Buy: $79.99 on Contract ($50 Off)


Apple has dropped the price of the iPhone 5c across major retailers in the USA such as Walmart and Best Buy, and it looks like select resellers in Canada are getting some love too. Future Shop and Best Buy have dropped the iPhone 5c by $50 on a two year term to $79.99.

According to both websites, you’ll have to visit your nearest store to jump on the offer. Some stores have said it’s only for this weekend, but others have said it’s until October 10. We’ll update this post once we find out.

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Screenshot 2013 10 04 16 22 17

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launched in Canada exactly two weeks ago. This is most likely the fastest sale we’ve seen on a brand new iPhone on contract. Clearly, Apple wants its major resellers to push iPhone 5c inventory, which is in ample supply (as its components are essentially based on the iPhone 5), unlike the iPhone 5s.

You can check out our hands-on videos of the blue iPhone 5c and the green model here. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!



  • Daniel

    It’s a great solid phone but it needs to be at or near $0 dollars on contract before it will start selling . Also if it were $450-$500 off contract it would do much better IMO .

  • wah_gee

    My wife’s friend has one and it feels really solid. Not slippery in one’s hands. I do agree with the other post that the price on contract or w/o contract could be slightly lower.

  • Shameer Mulji


  • Olley

    lol no one’s buying this crap

  • xxxJDxxx

    Kind of a slap in the face to anyone who bought one at launch, no?

  • eason

    the phone price is not a problem to me, always a problem when Rogers force you to upgrade your plan too! anyone know what price range does Rogers want you to get the new plan when signing a new contract? cause I’m using a $40/month plan with 100mb data with iphone 4, i heard that they want you to get a $80/month plan if getting iphone 5c/s and sign a new contract!

  • rob0302

    If you’re an existing customer, you need to have a minimum plan of $60/m before tax to get the subsidy on either phone. If you’re a new customer, it’s $70/m before tax. With both agreeing to a 2 year contract.
    I have a plan that i’m happy with, 300 anytime minutes, unlimited incoming anytime, free nights/weekends from 6, value pack (voicemail, call display, 2500 outgoing text/unlimited incoming), & most importantly 6Gigs of data @ $56/month. When i called originally they told me i had to change my plan, i told them no because it would have been more cost efficient to just keep it and buy the phone straight up. Then I called back and asked, if i would add 50 international text messages to my current plan ($7/month), would I qualify for the subsidized upgrade? They said yes and let me do it. That’s the only way around it.

  • rob0302

    The problem is not with the actual phone or with the price, the issue is that the 5C is basically the 5 in a colourful case. If they would have removed the 5 from the market and replaced it with the 5C their pricing could have worked, but why would anyone buy this phone now, when they could get the 5 (same phone) for cheaper?

  • dr evil

    The 5 was removed. There may be left over stock at some places but its gone.

  • steve

    The fact that you had to waste all this time calling and begging Rogers is pathetic.

  • steve

    ..or you could just skip the new iPhone and they’ll get the picture eventually. The problem is, all these clowns buying the new phone and paying $80-$100 per month for a new plan.

  • eason

    for me, paying around $70/month for a phone plan is just ridiculous, specially half of the staff that they offer you, you won’t use it at all!