This iPhone 5s Got Crushed by 40,000 lbs of Force for a Free Android Phone [VIDEO]


Smashed iphone 5s

The OnePlus One is a highly anticipated Android phone set to debut for $399 outright with some of the top hardware specs available. The company’s recent OnePlus Phone Smashing contest said it would give away 100 phones if people would smash their existing phones and put it on YouTube. Of course, people went stupid crazy to get their hands on a free phone.

Canadian accessory maker dbrand, based out of Toronto, did exactly just that with their smart viral video of a 64GB iPhone 5s being crushed by 40,000 pounds of force in slow motion. Check it out below:

That video allowed dbrand to be just 1 of 100 chosen from the entry pool of over 140,000 videos. When you smash a 64GB iPhone 5s (worth $919+tax unlocked) on camera, that probably will get you some attention.



  • KEN

    what a waste of an iphone 5s

  • WatDah

    What? You smashed you phone and didn’t get picked? It’s OK! You’re not alone! 140,000 other people did the same! Don’t worry, you can buy one for just $300! How awesome is that!!

  • Al

    I guess people who want to switch to Android aren’t very bright.

  • MariaG

    Yups destroy a $919 perfectly working phone just to get a free $399 phone. That makes perfect sense to me. Not.

  • MariaG

    Actually he could have sold back his iPhone 5s for about $800 and bought 2 OnePlus phones.

  • Rick

    Interesting that they didn’t show the phone on while it was in the press. You only saw the back. Probably a non warrantable dead phone.

  • Guest

    It’s a viral video for a Canadian accessory maker called. dbrand. Did you even read the article?

  • MariaG

    Your comment doesn’t add to this conversation, nor makes any sense. Being an accessory maker has zero to do with an iPhone being smashed to redeem a OnePlus. Did YOU read the title and this article?