First iPhone 5s Online Orders See Delivery Estimates Jump to Oct. 10-16


Apple launched online iPhone 5s orders at 12:01AM PDT (some orders via the Apple Store iOS app got in at midnight) on September 20, with gold models selling out in under ten minutes.

Right from the get go orders saw ‘available to ship’ estimates of 7-10 business days and delivery estimates between the dates of October 9th to the 15th (check out our order screenshot below):

Gold iphone 5s shipping 20th

Now, many of you have let us know Apple has updated delivery estimates for Canadian orders by adding on another day, showing dates between October 10th to the 16th:

Gold iphone 5s shipping

Sure, one extra day won’t kill us (#firstworldproblems) but for those who did not want to or couldn’t wait in line, online orders means you are the mercy of Apple’s supply chain–which seems completely overwhelmed by worldwide iPhone 5s demand. People have now become ‘gold crazy’ despite questioning the colour when it was first leaked.

Currently, the Canadian online store shows delivery estimates of just “October” for all silver, gold and space gray configurations. As for the iPhone 5c, shipping availability increased to “within 24 hours” yesterday.

Are you sad your initial iPhone 5s online order is being delayed by an extra day (or possibly even more)?


  • TheOnlyAdvantageToLiveInQuebec

    If I go to an Apple store tomorrow, is there any chance that they’ll have the 5s space grey in stock? Is it only the gold colour that is so hard to get?

  • They might have stock available. Call ahead and find out. Gold seems to be the rare colour worldwide.

  • Steve

    My confirmation email says Oct 4 to 9th. The store tracking now saysOct 8th to 11th…

  • Steve

    Mine original email said Oct 4th to 9th for delivery as did Apple Store. Now Apple Store says Oct 8th to 11th…

  • stephen_

    My conf email said delivery Oct 4-9, now changed to Oct 10-16. That’s more than one day! Arghh!

  • Guest

    Mine slip from 7-9oct to 9-10 oct.

  • Dhubert

    Confirmation email said 7-9 oct, slip to 9-10 oct.

  • exaro

    Mine has slipped from Oct 7-10 to 10-16 (w Thanksgiving weekend in the middle). Not thrilled since SpaceGray seems to be in reasonable supply in stores. Order was time stamped 3:03 EDT.

  • Dhubert

    32 gig Gold

  • Kevin

    Mine say oct 7-10.. Ordered 2 gold 16gb.. Ordered at 12:02am

  • wstoneman

    Mine as well… this sucks alot.

  • ottosprout

    Mine went from October 9th to the 15th to October 10th to the 16th in the morning after I ordered my Gold 32GB. I assumed the one day push was due to Thanksgiving falling in that period.

  • Scratch

    Same here. Hoping it’ll move up again.

  • kabsalsa

    Mine changed from oct 7-10 to oct 10-16…for gold 64gb. I ordered it within the first 2 minutes at 3pm ontario time. I hate the waiting part. The only conciliation is that I wouldn’t have got the gold if I had stood in line.

  • ojamali

    What time did you place your order? Where are you located?

    What did you order? Gray, Silver or Gold? 16/32/64 GB?

    Looks like those who ordered Gold 16GB might get them first since that stock was exclusively available on online store only. No Canadian stores got the 16GB Gold 5S.

  • Nightfly

    Mine as well. This is kind of a pisser since I place my with in the first minute of going on sale.

  • Stephen_

    Yah, I think I might have been 2 minutes behind you! The frustrating part isn’t simply that the phone will arrive in mid October, but that the initial delivery estimate was changed. And they haven’t sent any emails to notify of the change either. So it’s just really a less than optimal experience, something Apple strives to avoid!

  • raykwan

    dood ur a bird fer paying that much skrill 4 an iphizzone u’shuda called me I can get dem shitz for mad chep. holla at cha nig ma nig

  • Jackie

    I ordered a white 16gig from Rogers….still waiting….why would they start talking new iPads if they can’t even supply products released a month ago…..very frustrating!!!