Purported A8 Chip, iPhone 6 Rear Shell and Cover Glass Appear in New Images


French site Nowhereelse has spotted a new set of high-resolution images helpfully shared by a Weibo user. Considering the fine finish of the iPhone 6’s rear shell shown in them, they could be very close to the final product.

Iphone 6 rear cover 2

The images show what purports to be iPhone 6 rear shell, closely resembling the previous leaks of the 4.7-inch device. What’s interesting is that those strips (seen in earlier leaks) did not disappear at this stage: they appear to be some sort of plastic ribbons.

Iphone 6 rear cover

Overall, the rear shell’s design (shown here) is consistent with the previous leaks: redesigned speaker holes, rounded flash, headphone jack, Lightning port and rear camera.

In addition to the rear shell, we now have a close-up of the cover glass, although, unlike before, there is no information about it – whether it is made of sapphire or not.

Apple A8 SoC

Another source, GeekBar is also back with new leaks, and this time the guys behind the iHospital Weibo account have posted a blurry image of the alleged A8 processor, beside to the A5 chip for comparison. According to their blog post, the chip has a total of 115 terminals, X: 33 x Y: 35.

Apple has officially announced that it will hold an event on September 9, where it is expected to unveil two new iPhone models and a wearable device.

Iphone 6 rear cover front

Iphone 6 cover glass back

Iphone 6 cover glass


  • Flash

    I’m telling you, those plastic looking lines are a form of protection. Of the phone is dropped on the edges, the plastic/rubber strip absorbs some of the impact rather than distributing the force through the glass.

  • Ryan Peterson

    Whatever they are they are butt ugly.

  • Flash

    As long as the front looks good – a vast majority of people put their “beautiful” phones in cases anyways, so I never understand why anyone cares what the back looks like – I have never used a case

  • Chrome262

    my phones are naked thank you very much. LOL actually I put skins on them of late, don’t need a case on a metal phone. But I have seen quite a few people with bare ass iphones, S and C models.

  • KBlazer07

    They are most likely the antennae and/or sensors for the biometrics.

    I throw in a Mophie Juice Pack, so looks and weight don’t matter much to me.