Apple May Be Sticking With 16 GB for iPhone 6s


16gb ipone6s

If you were expecting Apple to double the entry-level iPhone 6s’ storage to 32 GB, here is some bad news: The 16 GB version is here is stay, according to an image showing the iPhone 6s information sheet, as shared by Steve Hemmerstoffer today on Twitter.

About a month ago, a sketchy rumour from China claimed that the next-generation iPhone would start at 32 GB, while keeping the 64 GB and 128 GB versions. While this would have been great news for the iPhone community, which has complained about the low storage space of the entry-level unit, we should remember that Apple has a solution for those people (as shared by Phil Schiller): increase iCloud storage (i.e. buy more online storage), and you are good to go.

Now, in the light of the rumoured camera upgrade – 12 MP camera and 4K video recording support – a 16 GB version will likely limit the user, due to the storage space required by 4K videos. However, we can’t exclude the possibility of Apple adding a 32 GB version this year, so let’s hope that besides four colour options, the iPhone 6s will come in four storage options as well: 16, 32, 64, and128 GB.


  • Tim

    I don’t know how they sell that phone in 16gb with a straight face. It actually holds about half of that when you account for the OS. I’ve said it before, advertised capacities of phones should reflect the free space after the OS is installed.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Well hopefully Apple won’t sell enough of this model & take a huge loss on it. Maybe then they’ll get their heads out of their asses!

  • OliChabot

    People, including me, will loose their mind if they keep that 16GB. I mean, they are rumors about 4K video recording and they’ll stick with 16GB ? that’s laughing into people’s face. I am seriously considering selling my Apple Watch and iPhone to get the OnePlus 2, only thing keeping me from doing that is the ecosystem (damn ecosystem).

    Please Apple, give us that freaking 32GB.

  • Yeah, 16GB is getting really unusable at this point. 32GB should be the bare minimum.

  • runner

    As someone on macrumors pointed out when this first started getting reported earlier this year:
    2009 – 3GS – VGA video recording (640 by 480) – 16GB base storage

    2015 – 6s – 4K video recording (3840 by 2160) – 16GB base storage

    Over six years later and 16GB is STILL the base model! Ridiculous.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    not that itll affect me since i never get the 16’s, but it still irritates me for reasons i cannot explain

  • FragilityG4

    I’m more mad that they won’t have a 256GB option!

  • I want 1 terabyte, let’s get real!

  • DoctorT

    ..they’ll only make more money on the 64gb version. Flash memory is really cheap – but the step to 64 costs 100$.

  • Ryan

    Even when I bought my 6 Plus, I had planned to get 32GB. Found out it wasn’t offered. Sucks, but I stepped up to the 64gb. They should at worst bring back the 32GB, it seems to be optimal, for daily usage.

  • Riddlemethis

    Hmm. Given the high [consumer] cost of the iPhone, a base 16 GB model is simply ridiculous. Then again, Apple never believed in a larger display for their iPhone. Only when their customers insisted on it and bought the competition, Apple had to offer a larger screen.

    However, I guess sticking with the 16 GB makes sense. I am actually surprised they didn’t stay with an 8 GB version. Apple is marketing the 16 GB to those people who simply can’t really afford an iPhone but want one as a status symbol or to be part of the “in” [social] circle crowd.

    Given the spiralling Canadian dollar, I think maybe it’s time to consider a Windows smartphone, provided of course you can acquire the apps you need . For reference, an unlocked Windows phones available at Microsoft stores costs less than $400 plus tax.

  • Riddlemethis

    well, as of last year, apple had the same amount of RAM (1 GB) as they have on the iPhone 5. Apple knows selling flash memory upgrades make them a LOT of money. BTW, the 3GS came with 8 GB in the base model.

  • Riddlemethis

    Apple argues that the 64 GB model costs the same as the 32 GB when it was available. At least that’s how they’re downplaying the lack of 32 GB model.

  • hub2

    Got the 16 GB iPad during the Target clearance sale. Great device, but literally one big game on it and I couldn’t load a single HD movie onto it to watch when I was on the plane to and from vacation. Ran out of space several times Airdropping my photos and videos to it from my phone as backup. And that’s just 8 megapixel photos.

    As frustrating as that was, I can live with that on my iPad. Not on my iPhone.

    If Apple releases another iPhone with base storage of 16 GB, they deserve the snarky comments that Apple is years behind Android. I already haven’t been defending Apple against such comments for awhile now; they’re such a big company that they want to make an extra billion upselling their own fans to next higher storage tier instead of delighting us, they can do their own damn PR and spin control.

  • hub2

    Then they can streamline their models and give us just 64 and 128 GB options, and eat the few dollars per unit cost difference between the 16 and 64.

    Storage levels are Apple’s version of Windows’ different edition levels (home, pro, enterprise, plus a few in between) in the sense that upselling is a cash cow.

  • FragilityG4

    Initial launch it was 16GB and 32GB only. The 8GB didn’t come along until the release of the iPhone 4

  • FragilityG4

    The 64 is at the same price point the 32 would’ve been …

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Is that unlocked?

  • That’s awfully tiny. Too bad they cut corners on design and don’t include a microSD to make up for this.

  • With Samsung having too little ram on their phones, and removing the MicroSD, seems like Samsung is catching up to Apple… and that’s in a bad way.

  • Dont get the OnePlus 2. Too many compromises… and there’s a big red flag in that the company refuses to outright sell the phone, and uses dubious sales schemes (like Amway does). If you want a good midline Android phone, don’t consider the One Plus, but check into the Moto’s. Those are getting rave reviews. and the company is proud enough of them to actually sell them.

  • ?????????

    16 gig not enough for basic operation, cloud storage is impractical, i mean we store movies and tv shows, music on our phones now, i should use up the available data on my phone to watch stuff that i could easily have stored locally? I love iphones and apple technology and i usually get a new phone every year but now, i got to look at a iphone more like a laptop, given the cost it just make sense to hold on it for maybe 2-3 years or more like my sister does.