iPhones Save the Day For Popular French Talk Show [VIDEO]


According to a report by (via AppleInsider), power to France 2’s equipment shut off halfway during the shooting of a popular French talk show On n’est pas couché (“We’re Still Awake”). After three hours of power outage, the show’s crew had to resort to iPhones to continue shooting while making use of the limited lighting available. The incident marks the first time a major TV show has been shot on iPhones without it being an intentional gimmick.


The source notes that several “Plus-model iPhones” were used to shoot the show, the results of which were edited and broadcast as well as uploaded to YouTube. We all know the iPhone 6s Plus is capable of shooting video at 4K resolution with optical image stabilisation. However it’s not yet known whether France 2 made use of that phone or the older 6 Plus, which records in 1080p and limits optical stabilization to photos.

Check out the following YouTube clip of the talk show shot with iPhones:


  • Mozbius

    quite impressive considering the fact that they still managed to do this with subpar lighting to make things worst..