[Updated] Is The MobileMe Gallery Free Too?


Update 1: Seems as though has been updated. Check out the screenshot to the left and compare it to the original one below. Did Apple mess up?

When Apple announced iOS 4.2 this morning, the company also made their Find My iPhone service, normally a part of the $109/year MobileMe subscription, free for all iPad, iPhone 4, and fourth-generation iPod touch users.

However, it now seems that another MobileMe app, Gallery, may also be available for free and without a MobileMe subscription. Gallery is the MobileMe method of storing and sharing photos online and across iDevices.

If users navigate to on their iDevice, there is a clear separation of paid vs. not paid services seen with Find My iPhone/Gallery and Mail/Contact/Calendars/iDisk.

So for everyone setting up a free Find My iPhone account today, it looks like you also get free access to the Gallery app.

Users can access the Gallery on or download the free Gallery app from the App Store.


  • Mike

    Tried it, but when entering the same login credentials as Find my iPhone, it says the account doesn’t exist.

    Maybe being free is a glitch on the website.

  • Mike

    I think Apple is doing a bad job of clarifying what is actually free.

    It looks like it’s free to view friends galleries if they have a paid Mobile Me subscription, but you can’t create your own gallery.

  • Anonymous

    Ya. When entering my acount it doesn’t work. Oh well, I got my hopes up for nothing

  • Luca

    So is the whole mobile me thing free now cuz i just got find my iphone. If i subscribe to mobile me will get it for free if so how????

  • Riceboy

    On my phone, the “Install Gallery” icon is under the paid subscription heading… ๐Ÿ™

  • kurd

    you have to update your iphone to 4.2.1 first then it will allow you! and it has to be an iphone4! 3gs and below don’t work!

  • Kurd

    people make sure to have your iphone updated first to the latest (2.2.1) to setup the “find my iphone” app then it will allow you to use your itunes account for mobileme. one more important thing is that only 4th gen devices work with this feature! the 3gs and lower does not work!


  • Anonymous

    I updated my firmware to the latest first but Gallery shows under paid?
    Also in my iPad as well.

  • Benb01

    i have a 3GS, and i did get free “find my phone”…

    but i have an ipad as well, and did the registration there first. once the “find my phone” was activated on the ipad (for the ipad), such that my mobileme was now active with my itunes email, i did the same on my iphone 3GS and have free “find my phone” on both devices.

  • Benb01

    just to clarify, it actually does work (for free on the 3GS)… the key is to activate first on a supported device (like ipad), then do the 3GS. I did this and I got both devices working ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kurd

    really? good one I don’t understand why apple just wouldn’t allow that the device obviously can support it since it has the GPS chip. just a marketing thing I guess! but good job man that sounds like a good trick!