[Updated] Is This The Next-Generation iPhone 5?


Update 2: New video embedded:

Update 1: Looks like Apple has pulled the video from YouTube!

Today, a YouTube video posted by smartphone parts firm Global Direct Parts claims to be showcasing a comparison of parts between the iPhone 4 and next-generation iPhone 5!

However, since it cannot be confirmed if the new device in the video is actually the iPhone 5, the video also indicates that it could be the rumored Verizon CDMA iPhone 4. But, the iPhone 5 in the video has a SIM-card slot, so unless this unreleased device is both CDMA and GSM, it probably is not the rumored Verizon iPhone.

However, this whole thing could also be staged, but it’s much more fun to hope that this is the real deal!

As seen in the video below, there are numerous similarities between the devices and also a few differences. Differences mostly include internal screws and small internal parts, but the outside has seen the biggest change. Most notably, the black antenna lines that debuted on the iPhone 4 have been moved around on the supposed iPhone 5.

The “Antennagate” line of the iPhone 4 remains on this new iPhone 5, but an additional antenna line is now visible above the silent switch. The top antenna line on the iPhone 4 has also been moved to above the SIM tray on the iPhone 5. The movement of these antennas has further caused a slight upward shift of the silent switch on the supposed iPhone 5.

Check it out:

The video ends with a teaser of additional leaked iPhone 5 parts such as the internal processor and LCD screen.

[Boy Genius Report]


  • Brad

    I was hoping for a complete design overhaul, hopefully this is the verizon iphone or something lol,
    Btw whos watching the final juniors game? Come on canada let’s kick some russian ass!

  • Anonymous

    They lost….:( what an upset….

    Back to the topic. I missed the video!! I’m sure it will pop up on another site like vimeo soonish.

  • Just wait for gizmodo… Yes i did just hit the dead horse again lol

  • whats wrong with the current design? and seriously how much did they change the look between the 3 g and 3gs. besides it will not be the iphone 5 (sure its the 5th), it will be the iphone 4G or something to go with the new networks. maybe more mem, but 1 ghz is probably going to be the clock speed.

  • Anonymous

    FYI, all Verizon LTE 4G device would have SIM cards.
    So a LTE capable iPhone will have a SIM slot even if is a Verizon only phone.

  • Noahattic

    instead of 3 pieces of antennas, apple makes this one 4 pieces. I don’t know if they’ve done something to fix the antennagate. If they won’t make it happen, I will not buy the 5th iPhone later this year. I live in the central Vancouver which’s surrounding pretty good rogers’ signal, but when i read the ebook on my iphone by holding it wrong, it loses signal dramatically. This time, I don’t blame rogers, I blame apple!

    Also, Apple really needs to upgrade the iOS UI in order to compete with Android 3.0 (OMG Amazing)and Windows Phone 7. The current iOS UI looks soooo outdated!!!!!!!! I personaly need widgets and the notification bar like Android.

  • Noahattic

    it’s pretty cool. Thx.

    I actually believe this is the iPhone 5 prototype since it has four pieces of antenna. I believe in this form, the top part of antenna should be designed to receive cell phone signal instead the left-sided anntenna. This is a pretty smart move because the chances of holding the top part of a phone in hands are pretty low(still possible in landscape mode). They might other improvements regarding to the signal drop issue without having a complete new design.

    Anyway, it seems everyone agrees that the next gen iphone will only be an evolution, not a revolution.

  • Anonymous

    How could they change the outside without thinking that the current iPhone 4 cases wont fit????? ( mute switch)

  • interesting.. .. i don’t know i’m with rogers.. i use a clear belkin case.. in Vancouver.. it seems like every time i go over Georgia viaduct onto venables my iphone loses all sorts of reception .. and immediately a call fail happens..

    other wise.. i think i am totally off topic…

  • Papi79

    what the hell are you talking about?????

  • Cjhermes


  • Kirk Armstrong

    I don’t believe this is real at all.

  • S3c0nd4ry


    Apple makes so much money on accessories. It is the most accessorized (probably not a real word) phone out there. This comes from experience from working at a authorized dealer. People buy new cases all the time to dress up their phone. Can’t say that about many of the other phones in the smartphone or cell phone line-up.

  • Noahattic

    why would they have to think about the current iphone 4 case?? this is gonna be the next gen iphone. they basically keep the same design and make slightly changes. those accessory manufacturer just need to change the current iphone 4 case design a bit and then can make big money again.

  • Ex

    Many pouch cases will continue to work fine. It’s only the cut out cases.

  • Anon

    What Apple really needs to do is to drop the iOS restrictions so there will be no need to Jailbreak the iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    iphone 5 is not exist.
    No body no what the next iphone will be.
    So, why not just enjoy iphone 4 and iphone 3GS????

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