Is your iPhone the Primary Source of Internet at Home?

With more and more people subsribing to data plans in Canada, it appears the days of only using your desktop at home for Internet are coming to an end.

A new study by IDC Canada reported 40% of Canadians accessed the Internet using a mobile device in January of 2011. Rogers also reported 45% of connections made to its network in the first quarter of 2011 were via a smartphone (it was 33% a year ago).

With the proliferation of new wireless entrants and affordable smartphones, wireless usage growth continues to accelerate in Canada. Especially with native tethering capabilities (Personal Hotspot) on the iPhone and generous 6GB data plans, it’s possible to eliminate home Internet subscriptions. I’ve had a friend who managed to survive with only his iPhone as his primary source of Internet for almost a year (his Dell laptop had crapped out on him).

Is your iPhone the only source of Internet at home?

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  • I use it for my mobile wireless for my ipad,at home i have Optik highspeed turbo

  • Dorey

    Yep, has been for about 5 months now.  I have the 6G plan.  I’m careful to monitor usage, especially during the last few days of the billing cycle.  Otherwise it is pretty painless so far. I suspect free tethering will be taken away any day now though.

  • I don’t browse much at home and while I do have a home internet connection, I do use my 6GB data plan more often then my home connection. I’d love to give Rogers a second $30/month to up the cap to 12 GB but I doubt they’d let me.

  • Dorey

    Sigh. “… have been …” NOT  “has been”. 

  • Positronmchappy

    For the past 4 months, yes. I access shared WiFi that works 60% of the time, but also use my 6GB plan & am careful to not give Rogers an extra dime. I debated an iPad, but prefer having one device that fits in my pocket; though SeV may be purchased one day. 🙂

    SeV: ScotteVest.

  • Steve Lam

    most definitely not.  6 gigs can be downloaded in a single day in my household. as for the iphone itself…i still find safari mobile to be a little too slow overall.

  • Affordable smart phones my ass lol. 

    It is my only source of internet, but not my only device. I tether to my Macbook Pro.

  • Look! It’s the grammer police!

  • I’ve owned one of the original SeV jackets–they are awesome. One of the
    essential tools for travel!

  • The data plans aren’t big enough for that, i have 95 gig plan a month with rogers and use at least half of that every month. While the 3G speeds are faster here in Canada (close to 4mb/s) so I really don’t care about LTE, its way faster on my home lines. while i may not use my desktop as much, i do use my MBAir and with up to 6 wireless devices online on any give day at my house i cant see me just using my data plan for sometime.

  • Leadergo

    Here in NAIT in Edmonton AB, they have a blacklist on some sites that I visit, so sometimes I tether to my MacBook and I find it extremely convenient. I have a 2GB data plan, and I never do exceed 1GB. However when I sign up for a new 3yr term for the iPhone 5, I will take good advantage and have the 6GB promotional data plan on my account. Then I probably can tether for the rest of my schooling.

  • Positronmchappy

    I rarely travel, but will eventually buy one of his products just for my non-driving lifestyle. I also despise man purses. lol

  • Sparky

    It’s the only Internet I pay for. When I use my desktop (becoming less often as time passes), I tether my iPhone 4. I do access free wifi as well on my laptop. I’d say it’s about 85% iPhone and 15% wifi.

  • Anonymous

    I use my iPhone regularly for internet (well 3G connection that is) when Shaw is being stupid. Which is a pretty common occurrence in my community!

  • Yvrnurse

    Absolutely not. I have a desktop, iPhone and and netbook  and a wireless router at home on Shaw.  My iPhone is with Telus and home internet is with Shaw. My partner has his own home business and he uses Telus and his ISP and the iPad and I use Shaw for everything else.

  • Hmiphone22

    if only you knew …… it is simply my internet…. for my imac, my xbox and the phone itself ….. of curse i have the unlimited internet glicht  ….. i use easily about 30 gbs of data a month 😀 i added this image so u guys see its not BS …… have a great 1 

  • Anonymous

    I regularly tether when out of the house, often streaming
    but if I’m downloading files, I’ll use wifi at home

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been tethering off my 6gig plan for over a year … I would continue this except my first child is on the way and my wife will need Internet while on leave … But I can assure you I will not sign with the big 3 … I’ll be signing up on teksavvys cable plan … 300gigs/month at 10mbps and Netflix!

  • Guybrown

    The wife has iPhone 3GS and I the 4. I can’t remember the last time we. Used
    our computer

  • MrAnonymous

    Main source of internet on a tiny 3.5″ screen?  Hell no!  I have a dual 27″ display desktop, and a 55″ HDTV for that.  Use the iPhone at home mainly for quick email and FB checks, but that’s it.

  • Drocass

    My iPhone is not my only source, but it is one of my most commonly used connection to the internet.
    I could said my internet use is 70% iPhone/Android  and 30% MacBook Pro.
    I just prefer popping out my phone, looking up when ever i wanted to check out without sitting at my computer desk, or while im out. 

  • MrAnonymous

    Don’t worry.  We’ll get Gary to report your IP, and I’m sure your service provider will have that fixed for you in a jiffy.

  • Busted! 😉

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Nah, I got to much other devices to rely on just data from my iPhone. Its a nice feature tho!

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Nah, I got to much other devices to rely on just data from my iPhone. Its a nice feature tho!

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Nah, I got to much other devices to rely on just data from my iPhone. Its a nice feature tho!