It’s True: Using Apple’s Siri to Get a Date Actually Works [VIDEO]


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YouTuber Stuart Edge uses Siri to help him get a date. Some magical trickery is involved but the reactions are hilarious.

As crazy as this video may seem, it isn’t fake. Haha, we really had no idea who the people were that we were approaching. We just used a little bit of magic to get their phone number 🙂

Check it out below:

Okay, who’s going to give this a try?

Thanks Walid


  • Frank

    Sooo… How did he do it?
    My guess is recorded audio of Siri played on speaker followed by just calling the number already stored in the iPhone

  • Joe

    Their friend is probably in on it.

  • You wouldn’t need recorded audio of Siri. You can give people nicknames and call them by asking Siri to call their nickname. For example, I can ask Siri to call my wife or text my best friend just by asking those things. To set it up, just tell Siri who your wife or best friend are. Either that or they could set it up as the contact’s name. The trick here is getting that phone number…

  • Frank

    I know that but he never asked explicitely: Call “the pretty girl next to me”
    Siri proposed it herself wich is not normal

  • Kiakman

    He used your method. In his Behind the Scenes video, he explains the entire trick. Sorry Ryan

  • gb

    Asking girl by siri silly. .. ask her directly. What if she is fan of Samsung 🙂