iTunes 12 Days of Christmas Launches in Canada with Free Coldplay Album


Apple has launched their annual iTunes 12 Days of Christmas event in Canada (and the UK). We previously told you the event would start December 26th and go until January 6th, 2012. Last year’s event started three days earlier.

Customers will get 12 free downloads in total, with a new freebie appearing for 24 hours only. In Canada, downloads can be accessed by visiting websites from the network, such as the Vancouver Sun or National Post.

Day 1 brings us free downloads from Coldplay at their recent live performance at the iTunes Festival in London earlier this year.

Today’s free download is Coldplay’s iTunes Festival: London 2011 EP. Prior to releasing Mylo Xyloto in October, Coldplay took the stage at the historic Roundhouse in London this past summer for the iTunes Festival. Relive their dynamic performance of new singles and old favourites. Make sure to check out their latest album below.

There are three live performances available: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, and Fix You, along with accompanying live videos for each song (about 60MB each).

Coldplay has always been a favourite band of Apple and Steve Jobs. The group previously performed at the ‘Remembering Steve’ tribute held at Apple’s headquarters back on October 19th.

Click here to download Coldplay’s live performances. The download deadline is midnight.


  • Tj

    Oh cool! Is
    Tomorrow going to be nickleback?
    Please also offer qtip so I may jab my ears out with them..

  • Lol

  • Jbohn

    Curious that they didn’t offer the app like in the UK.

  • Anonymous

    oh steve jobs. great innovator. horrible taste in music.

  • Links in the article.

  • Yup. Same like last year, we didn’t get an app either.

  • Ron


    You are 1 day late on the cold play…it is over …now there is a new one

    And you can go direct to iTunes and you don’t have to go to the sponsor web sites like last year. 

    Happy new year and keep up the great work


  • Anonymous

     This way posted yesterday (Dec 26) which is what the deal was.
    But like you said it is in iTunes. Look for the 12 Days of Christmas blue icon!

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