iTunes Canada: Great Canadian Apps Section


Canadians love their iDevices. The iPhone 4 launched at the end of July and people are STILL lining up overnight to get their hands on one. Extreme shortages + a “must have” Apple device usually results in people going to the extreme.

Canadians also love Canadian iPhone apps. Apple has recognized this and in iTunes Canada, there is now a section titled Great Canadian Apps. If you’re looking for notable Canadian apps (29 apps total)–this section has them all. If you’re a Canadian iPhone developer–you either want to get listed in this section, or on (contact us!).

We’ve reviewed the following 14 apps in the list: ScoreMobile, NFB Films, CBC Radio, Corus Radio, CBC Hockey, The Globe and Mail, CIBC, TD, Canadian YellowPages, Toronto Eaton Centre, TSN Mobile, Air Canada, TimmyMe, myStarbucks Canada

Check out the screenshots below:

Click here to launch the Great Canadian Apps section in iTunes. What Canadian apps do you think are missing from this list?

Thanks to half_pint for the heads up!


  • muhahahahah


  • JfromK

    Yay for Corus Radio app! My favoritest local radio station just happens to be owned by Corus… And you don’t have to be a bloody rogers sub to listen to it. (much like the rogers radio all).

    No offense to Rogers Subs.. You’re not all bloody 😛

  • JfromK

    Oh, also I’ve been using the YellowPages.Ca app for about three years or so, I think.. There was a Blackberry version I used before moving to the iPhone. Very handy. I haven’t used a phone book in years.

  • Nym99

    A few more Canadian Apps:
    – RBC Finder
    – BMO RBC TD Scotia CIBC Locations

  • Don

    The scotia bank app is a joke and should be off the list, why they still haven’t let users do online banking and everything else you can do with the TD and CIBC apps is beyond me. Just major laziness on their part and a rude awakening for their customers. I would have left them years ago if it wasn’t for my Scene card.

  • Brad

    321 Photo is a full featured camera app written in Vancouver.

  • Half_Pint

    Yay! Let’s start a petition to get ChantelleJoy’s TIFF app (Grand Tour Toronto Films) listed on there.

  • Anonymous

    What about all the radio stations? RogersRadio,
    Chum, etc… Oh and ING Direct 🙂
    TTC Mobile too!

  • JfromK

    Rogers Radio is proprietary. Only works if you’re a Rogers Sub.. That to me is a big red F on the review page.

  • Anonymous

    red rocket =)

  • Bertiespeed

    Meh… all useless to me i would like to see a bmo banking app and a telus mobility app

  • Joe

    It’s missing
    – Yorkdale app
    – Where Z Timmy
    – PetroFinder
    – Air Canada
    – Future Shop Canada
    – Best Buy Canada
    – Fido/Rogers Account
    – McDonald’s Restaurant Finder

  • Air Canada is in the list.

  • They are also missing: RealCamSP, SPPhtoFix (both for iPhone) and iDleFrame (for iPad)

  • Kimhoar

    How about Cryptoquip and Star Chase by ?

  • Burt

    Canada Quiz-Test you knowledge of the Great White North!Really tough quiz about everything related to Canada

  • Les

     Scotiabank’s app works perfect for me!