iTunes Card Sale: $60 Multipacks are $48 at Best Buy [20% Off]


If you’re on the hunt for the latest iTunes Card sale, head over to Best Buy as their $60 multipacks are on sale for 20%, bringing the price down to $48. The sale starts today and goes until October 17, as listed in their weekly flyer.

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By funding your iTunes Account with 20% off iTunes Cards, you save on all your digital purchases from Apple within the App Store, iTunes Store, iBookstore, Mac App Store, in-app purchases, subscriptions (Netflix sign ups via Apple TV) and more. Too cheap to pay $0.99 for an app? This will bring the price down to $0.79 (you cheapo!).

Thanks @llcway!


  • thuantta

    Do you have a link? I cannot find it on their site

  • The sale is in-store and if you take a look at the weekly flyer online, it’s on page 4. The flyer is a pop up so I can’t paste a link here.

  • DaveyDave

    If you’re interested in these cards, they are only on sale as part of a 3-day door crasher sale from October 11-13, not until the 17th.

  • CptKirk

    I think this is also available at Future Shop as well. I searched iTunes cards and the same thing popped up.

  • Joey

    🙁 It is not on sale until 17th, I have double check.