iTunes Card Sale at Shoppers Drug Mart: 15% Off $25 or $50 Cards


If you’re looking for an iTunes Card sale, turn your attention to Shoppers Drug Mart. Currently, they have $25 and $50 cards on sale for 15% off, until April 4 (it’s in their current flyer).

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We haven’t seen the 20% off sale on iTunes Cards anymore, as it seems 15% off is the norm. Most likely once the holidays roll around we could see 20% off sales again to get people into stores.

By loading your iTunes Account with discounted cards, you save on every digital purchase from Apple. If you sign up for Netflix on the Apple TV, you are billed from your iTunes Account, which means you can also save 15% off every month. Boom!

Thanks Steve N. for ‘paying it forward’


  • Jacques

    About the Netflix way to save 15%… sadly, it’s not really true. I used to pay through Netflix directly at 7.99$ charged on my credit card… I switched to iTunes Billing through my AppleTV yesterday thinking i’d save 15% since I always purchase my iTunes card on sale. But surprise surprise… for some really weird reason… iTunes charges taxes ! So I got billed 7.99$ plus an about 15% tax sale ! So doing this won’t save u a penny, unless u get your cards at 20% off. Only positive thing i can think about… is that Apple makes a 30% cut on it… I guess I’d rather give my money to Apple than Netflix…

  • reformcanada

    I have been with logic pro 8 and am finally going to upgrade to logic pro x. I want to do it soon, Apple has already been increasing the prices for various currencies including Australia and with the sinking Canadian dollar, I better do it soon before they do it to Canada soon! I’ll definitely snatch on to this offer!