iTunes Cards on Sale at Costco: 20% Off $100 Multipacks for $80


If you’re looking for an iTunes Card sale, your local Costco warehouse has 20% off $100 multipacks (4 x $25), taking them down to $80. This is the rare occasion we see the return of 20% off iTunes Cards (Black Friday also saw 20% off at some retailers), as the norm nowadays seems to be 10%.

The sale also extends to, however there is a $5 markup (most likely to compensate for shipping), making them $84.99.

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By funding your iTunes Account with these discounted cards, you save 20% off digital purchases from Apple, such as apps, media, books, in-app purchases and more (you know, like gems for Clash of Clans).

The sale goes until January 4, 2015. Let us know if you’re going to pick up some cards!


  • Jay

    Is it possible to buy one of these without having a Costco card?

  • If you order online from Costco, no membership is required.

  • Jay

    Cool. Thanks. Might actually be worth ordering it online instead, as it would cost $5+ in gas just to drive to Costco and back.

  • sukisszoze

    Hmm..I will order online save $5 driving to and back plus waiting in line..not ideal unless you have to shop at Costco..