iTunes Match Debuts in Canada for $27.99 Per Year, Then Disappears


It appears Apple has held true to its promise of releasing iTunes Match in Canada before the end of the year, as the service debuted registrations for a short window, then disappeared.

Based on emails received, some of you have been able to subscribe to iTunes Match in Canada, only to have the service ‘disappear’–similar to what we saw with the TV Shows menu in the Apple TV.

At a cost of $27.99CDN per year, those that were able to enable the service (within Account Settings) and subscribe saw updated ‘cloud status’ icons appear next to their MP3 library.

Today’s rollout of iTunes Match appears to be part of a larger International launch in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Were you able to subscribe to iTunes Match in Canada before Apple pulled the plug?

Thanks Sean, Jordan, @myka_l!


  • Anonymous

    Match registration was on my account for a while (Canada), but requests to register resulted in an error code (5002). An hour later and the registration option has disappeared. Slip up by Apple?

  • Anonymous

    I got it, but it doesn’t do anything except error out and give you the little “waiting” iCloud icons next to every track. Matching, uploading and whatnot isn’t working.

  • Ed M

    They took my money but nothing working. I did an upgrade to iTunes and then the option to turn it on disappeared on store menu.

  • Chase Fegan

    If it was a slip-up, I can’t help but think “Steve Jobs would never have let this happen.”  Obviously, I hope it’s not a slip up.  They took my money, after all.  $27.99 paid, and no service.

  • The Blank Page

    I also signed up and then was left with little dotted “waiting” clouds by my music, but no service. The option to add my computer to iCloud was available for a while, but this disappeared.

    From other forums, this sounds similar to what US customers experienced when things first went live – too much server traffic all at once, perhaps…?

    At any rate, Apple has been very good in the past about extending service if there was a screw-up (MobileMe comes to mind) I think we just have to be patient.

  • Doogie

    iTunes is now updating, and it says that Match is part of the update.  As for the last couple slip-ups, perhaps an indication that the person at the helm of Apple is not controlling the ship as well as Steve Jobs?

  • Paul Adams

    I subscribed and like everyone else it’s not working. Sent a query to apple support and I got a prompt reply telling me iTunes match is only available in USA and brazil, and they are issuing me a full refund.

  • I also bought iTunes Match… but like others, it’s not working… 
    I send a support request… and waiting for the reply… 

  • I was successful in subscribing and got the confirmation email.  I also added a computer.  In every case iTunes told me to sign out and sign back in.  Now all my songs have little clouds that are “waiting”.  Not clear what they are waiting for…

  • Jets65

    working for me in Canada.

  • Apparently iTunes Match will been activate in 72 hours… 

  • KyleC

    Not working for me here in Canada, got signed up but it just keeps trying to get me to sing out and sign in again.

  • Peter

    I tried this morning and had the same as KyleC.

  • John Smith

    At least it’s a technical issue, and they had overcome whatever legal copyright hurdles were there to begin with.

  • OMG!  I called Apple Support to get a refund, and they just told me that iTunes Match is supported in Canada.  I just checked, and I’m successfully synched an album from my library to iCloud!

  • Works for me!

  • perfect!!

    after I contacted them because iTunes Match wasn’t working, they cancelled my account… and I should get a refund in a few days… 

    So I guess now that I can “renew” my account to finally get iTunes Match… 

  • Natas_Tmc

    Just got my updated Terms & Conditions from Apple, I’m running not walking to my computer to start the process. (from what I hear is going to be a long while to get my 30GB of songs processed)

  • I signed up to iTunes Match yesterday (15 Dec) around 5pm CST (Winnipeg). Everything worked great. It took approx. one hour to get my 3000 songs matched/registered, and the matched songs were then available on my 2 iPhones and 2 PC’s.
    I’m surprized that  700 of the 3000 were not matched. So they are being uploaded at the rate of 17 songs per hour.

  • Ve4bws

    Yup. Works well.

  • Ed_K

    Going to request a refund for several reasons. Subscribed to iTunes Match on Fri. Dec. 16th. Matched up my 8000ish song library but after 3 days, it’s only managed to upload about half of the 600 songs it couldn’t match. Also discovered that Genius isn’t supported on my iPhone 4S and iPad, nor are Genius Mixes. Tried turning off iTunes Match and did get Genius to work again but the Genius Mixes are missing.  iTunes Match definitely isn’t ready for prime time and never would have been released under Steve’s watch. Stay away from it till they work out ALL the bugs.

  • what is the speed of your Internet connection?
    for the upload, I was able to send my 1200 songs that weren’t recognized within 1 day… I have a 3mbits upload.

    I even managed to download over 65GB of music to my second computer through the cloud (iTunes Match) on Sunday (I have a 60mbits connection with Videotron).

  • Scot Zawada

    Does anyone know what kind of bandwidth the Match will use when listening to songs over a 45 minute period on 3G?