iTunes Movies in the Cloud Now Available in Canada [Update]


As noted by MacRumors and via tips from readers, it appears Apple has now enabled iTunes Movies in the cloud for Canada. Previously this feature was unavailable but now many have noticed their purchased movies have now started to show up across all iOS and Macs connected to iCloud.

Here’s a screenshot from reader @djtripd that confirms it works in Canada:

Apple’s support document for iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match availability also now clearly shows Canada receives support for Movies (the footnote reads Some previously purchased movies may not be available in iTunes in the Cloud.):

Let us know if you’ve started to see your movies synced to iCloud in the comments below!

Update 1: Some users are not seeing the ‘X’ marked in the support document for movies.

Update 2: Here’s a screenshot of movies in the cloud, thanks to @KyleJDuffield:



  • Franko65

    Odd, the KB you linked shows Movies as unavailable in Canada (as of 9:29 PM EDT)

  • Really? That is weird. Still shows an ‘x’ here.

  • Franko65

    Can I send you a screencap? Disqus’ image button does nothing 🙁

  • Sure. email to tips [at] iphoneincanada [dot] ca cheers

  • Yes! I saw the new iTunes store agreement this morning and thought it might be referring to this. I hope this means I stream movies with my AppleTV soon without needing my computer to be connected!

  • I saw this this afternoon. Started out with only a few movies there, now all of them have shown up. Huzaa!

  • Woah, wait! Just checked and they’re already available to stream on my AppleTV! Sweet! I thought I might have to download an update for the AppleTV but nope. 🙂

  • Just in case no one’s aware, this works with your digital copies you get with some blu-rays as well.