$100 iTunes Card Multipacks on Sale for 20% Off at $79.99 from Costco


If you’re looking for some iTunes cards to stock up on, check out your local Costco as right now $100 multipacks are available for $79.99. The offer also extends to, but it’s $5 more at $84.99 (that $5 could be the cost of saving your sanity from visiting Costco on a Saturday afternoon in Richmond, BC).

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An iTunes account funded by these discounted cards equals savings on any digital purchase from Apple, even subscriptions (iCloud storage, Netflix, etc). So if you’re planning to sign up for Apple Music when it launches June 30, loading up on these cards can save you 20% off the unannounced Canadian monthly price (which most likely will be higher than the $9.99/$14.99 USD prices).

Also, since Apple raised iTunes store prices to reflect the changing Canadian dollar, these discounted iTunes cards couldn’t come at a better time and this is probably the best sale we’ve seen in a while, aside from the paltry 10% (and sometimes 15%) off. Let us know if you’re going to pick some up!

[via RFD]


  • Wall Man

    You can also use the funds to pay for monthly iCloud storage, which interestingly the price has not increased vs the US pricing. I just load the cards into my account and let the monthly charge go through.

  • RickysCV

    Yes, very good deal. 20% off sales on the cards rarely happens these days. Thanks for the heads up. I may brave the crowds and parking.

  • Yep, we mentioned that above and that’s how we’re using our funds too. I didn’t even notice prices are still in USD!

  • Head to Costco to buy toothpaste, end up spending $300

  • Richmond’s not “that” bad. Just requires an inordinate amount of patience. And some serious luck while looking for that ever elusive parking spot.

  • Wall Man

    Doh, I missed that part. Was just at the Costco off Willingdon just before lunch and the price listed was still $89.99, but there was a sale type tag that said effective to June 21/15. I wonder if the price is adjusted at the register or the sale price sticker fell off.