iTunes Radio Starts Appearing in Canada Randomly Again [PICS]


iTunes Radio has appeared in Canada this morning on some iOS devices, as shared by readers Vince and Anthony, which saw the streaming music service appear on their iPads at around 6:20AM EDT.

Itunes radio canada

Almost a year ago, Bloomberg reported Apple was set to expand its iTunes Radio service to Canada in “early 2014”, but that never materialized. The company did have a job posting seeking a music programmer for the service posted online around the same time.

Canadian users have seen the service appear randomly throughout the year, but once the music app is force closed, the service disappears. A standalone iTunes Radio app was rumoured to appear in iOS 8, but that never happened.

Some speculate the $3 billion acquisition of Beats Music may have put the rollout of iTunes Radio on the back burner. Former Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers is now running iTunes Radio, with the WSJ reporting he is said to help ‘create cohesion’ among teams at Apple and Beats for streaming music.

Canadians with US iTunes accounts can already use iTunes Radio via this workaround.

Anyone see iTunes Radio pop up on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac today?


  • Crosseyedmofo

    would be nice to finally get it… that and wifi calling to “start appearing” as well

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Come on Apple and get the service up here finally!! Which studio is holding things up? No Pandora and no iTunes Radio. There is Spotify (finally) and I am testing it.

  • Nafizur

    are you sure that guy didn’t loginto his US account by mistake and thought it was his Canadian account?

  • We heard from two people it showed up, and the times were identical, so I don’t think so.

  • talkiewalkie

    I would not be surprised if all this delay has to do with the dinosaurs at the CRTC giving Apple a hard time.

  • Tim M

    you can easily get it up here, just change your iTunes account to a USA address.

  • I see it on my iTunes 12.0 when the GM candidate for Yosemite installed. still have it and have rebooted the Mac and closed itunes many times and its still there. Using same Canadian Apple ID as iTunes on my iOS 8.1 on my 5S and 1st gen iPad mini doesnt show it though.

    and before people ask I have both a Canadian Apple ID and USA one and the Canadian one is the one signed in currently on my Macmini and iPad Mini and Macbook Air and iPhone 5S. Macmini and my Macbook Air both have Yosemite on them (Macmini is GM Candidate and Macbook Air is running public beta 4. so seems that iTunes Radio is launching with Yosemite!

  • There is Rdio too

  • ummm nevermind Had a screenshot showing canadian store with iTunes radio button…clicked flag to switch to USA one and made me login in…took my canadian account no problem…switch back to canada store and had to login again…click Radio and it disappered….glitching beta i guess….im sad now was loving it soooo much

  • no kidding? really…I didn’t already just read that in the article above.

  • don’t think its the old farts in the CRTC blame the Canadian Music Industry for wanting a higher licensing fees for content holders and the streaming services like iTunes Radio, Pandora etc. trying to dictate the fees much lower and refusing to pay as much as Music Canada is willing wants……

  • Chrome262

    started to show up again of late, see it on my iphone 5s today and am listening to it now, can’t add stations though. It could be because my itunes match renewed not sure.