iTunes Radio in Canada Coming Soon as Apple Seeks Music Programmer


iTunes Radio currently exists in the USA only but can be accessed outside the country if you sign in with a US iTunes Account. But that looks to change as iTunes Radio could be coming to Canada soon according to a job listing seeking an “iTunes Canada Music Programmer” (via 9to5Mac):

The Canadian Music Programmer will be responsible for the programming of iTunes Radio and the iTunes Music store in Canada. This particular role will report directly to the Head of Music for the Canadian iTunes store, and will be responsible for working cross-functionally across a variety of teams including Editorial, Label Relations, Marketing, Sales, Production & Engineering, and more.

The Canadian Music Programmer will be an editorial voice of iTunes Radio, and will be responsible for keeping the product current. This person must have a passion for and deep knowledge of music across numerous genres and decades, and must demonstrate the ability to objectively program content relevant to iTunes customers. This will include deciding what music to feature on all iTunes Radio stations, entering music into the content management system, and creating seasonal and relevant editorial collections. It will require this person to decipher the most relevant mix of songs in particular genres.

This position will be measured according to his/her ability to maintain and expand the credible editorial voice of iTunes in Canada via iTunes Radio, and present music offerings that generate incremental sales. This will be in collaboration with teams responsible for music worldwide, and with local programming, sales and marketing for iTunes in Canada.

The position is based in Toronto at iTunes Canada headquarters and requires 37.5 weekly hours. Launching iTunes Radio in Canada requires Apple to negotiate with music labels for licensing rights, which can take some time.

Apple executive Eddy Cue has already publicly stated he hopes iTunes Radio will launch internationally as soon as possible:

“One of our top priorities is to bring iTunes Radio obviously here in the U.K. but everywhere in the world,” Cue said last week in an interview from London. “We certainly want to be in more than 100 countries.”

Stay tuned, Canada could be next in line for the next iTunes Radio rollout.


  • Jon Ouimet

    Finally. It’s really annoying having to switch accounts all the time especially with the automatic update activated on my Canadian account. I keep getting errors because I am logged in as a US account.

  • Ryne

    At first I was excited to have iTunes radio, but then I realized I live in Canada where content is censored and limited due ConCan. It’s irritating to have to listen to the crap Canadian artists make and because of content restrictions, they have airplay.

  • Looking forward to see how this will play out in Canada.

  • FragilityG4

    Just pretend Justin Bieber isn’t Canadian and you’ll feel a lot better!

  • We’re all beliebers!

  • OliChabot

    Thank God.

  • DC Montreal

    Is it just me or … I used Accuradio on my iPhone but since the new iOS 7 has been installed Accuradio will no longer work. I’ve reinstalled it with no luck. Could this be some Apple trickery given the new iTunes Radio? Which I can’t get in Canada yet!!

  • crosseyed_mofo

    internet is out of jurisdiction of cancon rules if im not mistaken

  • Ryne

    I thought that too, but there are many times I try to play videos or music and I get a message that says that I’m trying to view content that is restricted in my location. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Please correct me if I am.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    that has to do with content that has its own distribution deals within canada

    snl skits on for instance

  • Ryne

    I see. Thank you for clearing that up for me.