iWatch Concept Based on a Skagen Classic Leather Wrist Watch [PICS]


Screen Shot 2013 08 15 at 9 57 39 AM

Designer Stephen Olmstead has published an interesting iWatch concept that actually looks like a regular watch, not some bizarre device from the future.

My main focus here was to create a watch that… well… looks like a watch and not a rectangular screen bolted onto a watch band. Design, Hardware, and Software justification details can be viewed in the high resolution mockup that is attached.

Screen Shot 2013 08 15 at 9 56 51 AM

The watch is based on a modified Skagen classic leather wrist watch and features a camera lens in the watch face for FaceTime, a microphone for voice calls, Siri, a low power e-ink display to show the clock, a compass and the possibility to use the watch as a trigger for your iPhone’s camera.

Screen Shot 2013 08 15 at 9 57 07 AM

Olmstead also comes up with polyurethane bands in a variety of colours as an accessory.

Screen Shot 2013 08 15 at 9 57 26 AM

This concept does look the most ‘real’ out of previous iWatch concepts we’ve seen, such as this futuristic one, this leather strap concept, the Google Maps iWatch, this iPhone 5 chamfer-inspired design or ADR’s iWatch 2. What do you think of Olmstead’s iWatch concept?

[via The Verge]


  • Mike Fradette

    I think it’s pretty clean looking

  • Chrome262

    it sure looks nice, if it functioned like this I can see people picking something like this up. I think the smartwatch is a tricky endeavor, it is a balance between hardware functionality, and practicality of that function. The interface is to small for anything other then alerts and reminders. The facetime is interesting, for example, but would it work well enough to keep you from just going to your phone. and any voice to the watch runs into issues of noise that perhaps a smaller device can’t deal with as well.

  • Chrome262

    Yeah, more into the look Apple would use if they actually made one. Oh and I love the alert badge on the second hand, that is so cool.

  • Al

    Facetime on a watch. Perhaps a little silly, but so awesome. Livin’ my Dick Tracy childhood fantasy.

  • theolmstead

    Hi guys- thanks for the kind comments, glad you like it- I made add more to it later.

  • Peter Pottinger

    So funny when artists who don’t have the first clue about engineering nor software production create these silly concepts