Here’s an ‘iWatch’ with Curved Sapphire Display, Touch ID & More [Concept]


A new ‘iWatch’ concept by the folks over at IfYouCouldSeeTheFuture, imagines a smartwatch with sapphire crystal curved display, integrated Apple Touch ID technology, replaceable smart skins and much more (via FSM). Check out this fantastic concept right after the jump.


Offered in Gold-vintage, Black-classic and White-space colour options, this concept ‘iWatch’ weighs around 100 grams and is less than 8mm in thickness. It features a ‘cleverly curved’ Retina display made up of sapphire crystal. Additionally, it also has the Touch ID fingerprint sensor built-in. 

 Let us know what you think of this one!

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  • Peter Pottinger

    So one size fits all?

  • fappoid


  • WatDah

    If only someone would actually use some creativity as a “designer”, and create a concept that doesn’t look like a shrunken iPhone….

  • Anon

    Well the iPad is essentially a stretched out iPhone, hence the shruken iPhone for the iWatch . lol