Japanese Telco KDDI Memo Claims iPhone 5S Launch in July [Rumour]



After Tim Cook cooled down June iPhone 5S launch rumours with a “killer” sentence a document obtained by the French site suggests that the iPhone 5S will be presented in June followed by a July release.

The document is reportedly intended for employees of Japanese wireless carrier KDDI and, as you can see from the above image, the iPhone 5S is clearly visible in red. What’s interesting, though, is that the document allegedly puts iPhone 5S pre-orders to June 20 with the highly anticipated handset to reach the stores in July.

If we can believe this rumour, the highly anticipated handset will feature a 13 MP rear camera, a fingerprint sensor, and will have iOS 7 pre-installed.

Considering that earlier analyst consensus was for a June release, the KDDI internal document leak seems to confirm analysts’ talk. Also WWDC 2013 is scheduled for June 10–14, so we can expect a surprise from Apple. But if we are to believe Tim Cook, the iPhone 5S won’t be available until this fall.


  • K3

    ???? Cook didn’t say anything about iPhone 5s fall launch release specificly did he? From your post last week;

    “During the earnings call followed by the report, Tim Cook said that Apple has plans torelease amazing products this fall and throughout the year, which disappointed some fans, who were hoping for an iPhone or iPad launch at the WWDC.”

    […and through out the year…..]

    “The sources say there will be a China Mobile–compatible version of the iPhone, which will launch at the end of September or early October.”

    [China mobile compatible version launch in the fall….]

    Here’s why a iPhone 5s summer release- the huge lines will be taken care of during the vacation months hopefully loosening up the wait time for say students in the fall… it also provides

    a small buffer for new products also slated end of the year. Going by the HUPs 2012 wait time it might also be an even long wait this year.