Users Furious Over Jawbone’s Poor Customer Support


A number of Jawbone customers are reporting that they’ve contacted Jawbone in recent months or weeks about faulty products and have not received any response from their customer support. According to The Verge, who also tried calling a customer support number several times, an automated message is played every singe time saying that all phone lines are busy.


With no online forum on its official website, Jawbone’s social media pages are also not responsive. The company’s Facebook page has no recent interactions either, with a few health-related articles being posted from outside publishers, as recently as last week. The last tweet from its @JawboneSupport Twitter handle was on December 21, 2016.

“Customer Service?!?!” one woman wrote earlier this month. “Um. Customer service? Wtf,” another wrote. “Jawbone customer services don’t reply,” someone wrote on December 12. Customers have left sad-face emoji on the company’s Facebook page. Also: poop emoji.

On, a kind of Better Business Bureau for the online age, the company has slipped to less than a one-star rating.

Jawbone has declined to comment when asked about the lack of customer support.


  • Joe

    feel sorry for all those ppl who bought expensive jamboxes

  • David

    Had similar experiences with Jawbone 2 years ago. Went to Fitbit, after my bad experiences with the bands of the Charge HR, I eventually gave up on them as well. I’m so far very happy with my Apple Watch Series 2 that I got at Christmas.

  • Andrew

    I was told my replacement UP3 would ship in 3-4 weeks as of Mid-October and still have not received it. I’ve followed up a few times over that span and never heard back.

    Oh well, it’s a garbage product I had replaced 4 times in 9 months.

  • Yikes